Movistar Plus+ apologizes for Mono Burgos’ comment about Lamine Yamal and will take action

Movistar Plus+ has apologized for the classist and racist comment of Germán ‘El Mono’ Burgos in the preview of PSG – Barcelonaof Champions League. Last night, minutes before the match began, the former footballer uttered some unfortunate words that provoked outrage not only from the spectators, but also from the football teams themselves. In fact, both Barça and PSG decided to veto interviews on the platform.

It all happened during the preview, when some images of Lamine Yamal handling the ball. “Look, look at the quality, look at the little touches of Lamine Yamal,” he pointed out. Susana Guasch. At that moment, Burgos released the comment on the controversy, accompanied by the laughter of his broadcast colleagues: “If it doesn’t go well, it ends at a traffic light, eh. Football is like life.”

Some unpleasant words that had consequences, as he explained Ricardo Sierra at the foot of the field: “UEFA, the PSG and the FC Barcelona “They have notified us that no player is going to assist us because they are tremendously offended and angry about a comment that was made on the set during the preview.” “I apologized to you from here, and I understand that we must also do it from the set because we have not been lucky,” the journalist stressed.

Back on set, Mono Burgos followed Sierra’s advice and apologized: “It was a comment without trying to hurt anyone. If anyone felt offended, I’m sorry and I apologize publicly because it was not the intention. In this era we have to adapt to everything and that’s what we’re in.”

Movistar Plus+ statement

Early this Thursday, April 11, Movistar Plus+ commented on what happened through a statement: “Due to the unfortunate comments made by one of the Movistar Plus+ collaborators in the preview of the UEFA Champions League match between PSG-FC Barcelona about the Barça player Lamine Yamal, the platform publicly apologizes“.

“Movistar Plus+ condemns any type of discrimination and will not allow this type of comments from any of the workers or collaborators linked to the platform,” underlines the platform, which, on the other hand, announces that it will adopt “the appropriate measures to ensure that these events do not occur again”.

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