MMA Fighter Wins Fight Without Touching Opponent: Viral Video Surfaces Online


The MMA o Mixed martial arts They are one of the most difficult sports to practice, this is due to the training of different types of martial arts such as Jiu-Jitsu, Muay Thai, Wrestling and Judo, to name a few, so practicing it really is not easy at all.

That is why on social networks, it was made viral a fight where two women are facing each other, demonstrating an incredible difference in muscles and physique between the two opponents, so one of the fighters imposed conditions without touching her rival who, due to a terrible mistake, was left IS and the reactions went viral.

MMA fighter wins without touching her rival

In the video that went viral on social networks due to the way the fight is defined, we can see how at the beginning of the fight it seems that they are even; However, one of the fighters knew how to take advantage of the difference in physique and in a bold move made her opponent lose her balance and be left KO.

So in social networks Comments poured in mentioning that the losing fighter of the match was not eager to participate in the match and that is why the fight should not have been accepted, because when she fell and crashed into the fence, she received a strong blow to the head that left her without the opportunity to get up and thus loses the fight.


2024-04-14 02:27:52
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