Minnesota Timberwolves Dominate Phoenix Suns in NBA Playoffs, Take 2-0 Series Lead

Los Minnesota Timberwolves reached the NBA Playoffs as a mystery for being, for the first time in his project, at competitive heights that had never been seen before. But on the field everything changes. The Wolves once again erased the Phoenix Suns from the map (105-93) after a wonderful second part and they shoot up in a series in which the stars were on the other side, that of some blurred Suns.

Durant, in the game.

Game 1 seemed to shake Phoenix after losing emphatically throughout. “Now we have to respond,” said Bradley Beal. “I’m hungry to win,” added Devin Booker. That disappeared in a second half that pointed them out on both sides of the court. And although Kevin Durant believes it is part of the process, the reaction is slow to come. “It’s a game of comings and goings. Searching for your power stroke,” he said.

It’s a game of finding your power stroke

Kevin Durant

Those are given by the Wolves. Because the game ended tied at the final quarter of an hour (60-60, 32′), but Minnesota accelerated. TOAnthony Edwards, a star, combined a tremendous block and a mid-range shot. McDaniels, in offensive duties, two great baskets. Nurkic, with a dunk, still brings the Suns within 10 (80-71, 36′). Minnesota, yes, had the key.

And it opened the door to the second point of the tie, because a quick 11-0 killed the Suns between McDaniels and the play of Towns and Gobert. The Phoenix stars had disappeared and two more triples, from McDaniels and Edwards, finished the job. “Every time you fall you have to get up punching and these guys do it,” explained Chris Finch, their coach.

Every time you fall… you have to get up by punching

Chris Finch

Durant. along with his companions.

A killer 2-0. That praises Jaden McDaniels, for 25 points (10/17 TC), eight rebounds and his verticality, confirms veterans like Conley (18) or Gobert (18) and without needing an unusual Anthony Edwards (15+5+8). The Suns’ Big Three, with 20 for Booker, 18 for Durant and 14 for Beal, needs much more. They are on the brink of the abyss.

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