Milan CEO Furlani’s Words to DAZN: Key Week Ahead Against Inter and Roma

The Rossoneri CEO’s words to DAZN before the match against Inter and Roma in the Europa League

«This is a key week, as a fan and as a manager. They are two key matches (Roma in the EL and then Inter in the derby. Ed.). We face it with optimism and hope to do well». The CEO of Milan, Furlani, spoke to DAZN. «A technical evaluation? A little early, let’s see this last month but so far we are doing well compared to last year, we know the data, with twelve points more. We’re doing well. It’s a shame that we got out of the CL groups, but it was a particularly difficult group. We start every season to win and therefore we judge the season in which you don’t win always starting from the fact that you would have liked to win.”

-Is there an objective set for the coach from the beginning of the season?

First of all we must give the coach the most competitive team possible to achieve goals. Milan starts from the competition, but the truth is that they don’t succeed every year. In CL we were unlucky against Newcastle, then the one against Dortmund conditioned by injuries. And in any case it was a difficult group. We will do better next year.

-Many purchases made this year, is there a philosophy in purchases?

It’s a simple thing: improving the team is the philosophy, which is why we’ve made so many changes. This year it will be a lighter and more focused job because the foundations are there. We don’t focus on one type or another. We look at various criteria on various purchases. We look at scouting, at data, which are ingredients, medical history, player personality and financial theme.

-How much can turnover grow?

We are around 400 million, a complicated question. It depends on sponsors, UEFA competitions, Serie A and therefore the other clubs and then the very important stadium part. We are currently making San Siro a better experience for our fans. San Siro is a special place and I went to the stadium with my dad when I was little. It is in the top five list. But as a manager and fan I understand that the stadium is produced for the fan but also an engine that creates resources to reinvest in football. Let’s say that for this reason it is an outdated product.


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