Mexican Women’s Archery Team Advances to Pan American Championship Final for Gold Medal

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The Sonoran and her teammates advanced to the fight for gold after beating the shortlists from Puerto Rico and Brazil

HERMOSILLO.- Sonoran Alejandra Valencia and the Mexican women’s team advanced this Thursday to the final of the Pan American Archery Championship, held in Medellín, Colombia, after beating the shortlists of Puerto Rico and Brazil.

After those two wins (in the quarterfinals and semifinals), the Aztec team will compete for the gold medal next Sunday against the United States, which in turn beat Ecuador (6-0) and Colombia (6-2). The bronze will be defined by the hosts and the Brazilians.

On the second day of competitions of the continental competition, the national women’s recurve bow team, which also includes Ángela Ruiz and Ana Paula Vázquez from Coahuila, first defeated—through a shutout—in the quarterfinals the Puerto Rican team, made up of Brenda Bruno, Nilka Cotto and Alondra Rivera.

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Later, in the semifinals, the Mexicans beat Brazil 5-1, a team that was made up of Ana Machado, Graziela Paulino and Ana Luiza Sliachticas, to directly obtain the ticket to the fight for the continental title.

In addition, Alejandra Valencia will continue searching for two more medals, because in the Individual Olympic Round—after passing the 32nd place—she will go to the 16th place against the Panamanian Emma Durán; while in the Mixed Team, alongside Matías Grande, they will clash against Jamaica (Emma Russ and Antonio Pierre) in the round of 16.

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