Mexican Archery Team Dominates Pan-American Championship in Colombia

13, April 2024 – 14:33

┃ Juan Antonio Dávalos

The archery triplet was crowned Pan-American champion of the specialty. Photo: @Conade

The Mexican archers of archery andIn the compound modality he won the gold medal during the Pan American Championship of this discipline which takes place in Medellín, Colombia.

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The goalkeepers Juan Del Río, Sebastián García and Máximo Méndez They defeated Guatemala 236-231 to become Pan American monarchs. After dominating the match, as they were successful in three of the four sets, in fact, the second was perfect because they put all the arrows in the center.

While in the individual test. Sebastian Garcia achieved his second conquest after taking the golden medal after winning 147-146 over José Marcelo del Cid of Guatemala.

Although it is true that the Coahuila native had a good start With a perfect first set, as the test progressed he began to lose his aim until he was down 87-89.

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However. Titubeos in the last round of the Central American and the return of the arrows to the center of García allowed the Mexican to reach the top of the podium.

In ladies during the individual, Dafne Quintero took second place after losing to the American Alexis Ruiz 145-146. The clash was so even that everything had to be decided until the fifth set. In the latter, despite the fact that the American scored two arrows with 9 points for only one from Quintero. She couldn’t afford it and she had to settle for the money.

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Mexico also achieved a bronze. DAfter the women’s team took third place after beating Colombia 233-231. The tricolor trio made up of Dafne Quintero, Andrea Becerra and Esmeralda Sánchez had to row against the current because they were down in the first two sets; At the end of the third they tied the score and it was in the fourth, where they achieved 58 points to the rival’s 56.


Those who were very close to getting on the podium were Dafne Quintero and Sebastián García in mixed compound in the duel for the bronze medal after falling 156-155 with Paola Ramírez and Jean Pizarro from Puerto Rico. While Esmeralda Sánchez could not beat the Colombian Sara López and she fell 141-146 to stay in fourth place.

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