Merza victory in comeback – world title for Kotaskova

Fadi Merza’s comeback was a success. The 46-year-old former Thai boxing champion won his middleweight fight in classic boxing against the Bosnian Kenan Catic, 20 years his junior, unanimously on points after six rounds on Saturday evening in Vienna as part of the Bounce Fight Night. After his victory, Merza challenged ex-boxer Marcos Nader, who had made his comeback possible, to a duel.

Merza celebrates comeback victory

Michaela Kotaskova was then crowned world champion for the first time. The Czech-born boxer for Austria defeated the Argentinian Erica Juana Gabriela Alvarez. The reigning South American champion had to give up in the tenth and final round after a series of punches from Kotaskova.

The 32-year-old remained undefeated in her eighth professional fight (six wins and two draws) and received the WBF world championship belt in the welterweight category. “It’s a thousand times better than I imagined,” said Kotaskova, who clearly dominated her opponent and took advantage of her reach. “We want more belts and in the biggest associations.”


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