Maravilla Martínez: The Goal-Scoring Phenomenon Taking Racing Club to New Heights

Maravilla’s goals in Racing are something to talk about. It is not for less. An animal from the area that transforms everything it touches into a goal. Is in sight. He makes them in all colors and in all competitions. In fact, so far in 2024, he has already scored in the three tournaments the club is competing in. He scored in the League Cup, scored in the Argentine Cup and also in the South American Cup. Lethal. At the age of 31, after a race in which he had to fight and encountered a pile of stones, he took the highway. He has the best time of it. In a big club, with the nine on his back and being one of the greatest figures in Argentine football.

The Academy has nine. One who always goals. Although he also knows how to fight and create spaces. To assist his teammates as he did against Red Bull Bragantino in the first play of the game. The forward goes for everything and takes it. He enjoys this great moment that he could not have imagined, not even in the most optimistic way. He started the year in a brutal way, but now four months in he is still with his foot on the accelerator. He doesn’t stop and he is one of the great people responsible for the club being the way it is. That’s why he smiles from ear to ear every time he goes out on the field. A place where Gustavo Costas found a way to nourish him and make him feel truly important.

The moment of Adrián Maravilla Martínez with the Racing shirt It is so brutal and enormous that it reverberates and resonates in the world. And from Europe their eyes are already on Avellaneda. With fear because the forward does not let up and continues to climb positions. Today, with the goal he scored against Bragantino for the second round of the Copa Sudamericana, he reached 14 goals for the year, counting all types of competition. And he got into the TOP 10 WORLD scorers. A tremendous brand because it has phenomena like Haaland, Henry Kane, Vinicius, Cristiano Ronaldo and many more. There are only seven players in the world who scored more goals than him this year.

The table where Maravilla Martínez makes his value for Racing clear

With the goal that number nine scored this Wednesday at the Academy, he moved to eighth place and became among the 10 best scorers in the world. Now he came in eighth place and wants more, logical. A beastly brand but one that does not conform it. In fact, he is just four points behind the leader of this table, Mbappé. The Frenchman scored his last goal also for the international cup. He did it this Wednesday in the Champions League against Barcelona.

Maravilla Martínez’s goals in Racing

But Maravilla Martínez not only continues to score goals in Racing and enjoys being among the 10 best in the world. Furthermore, he leads a table that is truly impressive considering who he competes with. The Acadé nine is the Argentine with the most goals in the world. There is no other from our country who has the same number of goals as him in 2024. Neither Lautaro Martínez, nor Julián Alvárez (both from the National Team) nor anyone else who was born in our country. He has the best nine and Racing enjoys it.

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