Mantaille Dominates Rodez in Final Home Match of the Season

For their final home meeting of the season (National 3), the blood and gold suffered the law of Mantaille, Saturday April 13, without managing to be aggressive enough to regain control (80-93).

This last home match of the season, Saturday April 13 at the Amphitheater, was to be a celebration for Rodez. But above all it was an emotional elevator punctuated by a race after the score and concluded with an 80-93 defeat.

“A lot of disappointment, because it was the last match at home, whispered Matija Sagadin, the blood and gold coach as he left the locker room. And we had a great season but, in the last matches, we were lacking desire at certain times, lacking realism, a lot. And we are not aggressive enough, not urgent enough. We are always running after the opponent.”

Mantaille knocked down Rodez in the second quarter

If they wanted to set the tone from the start by leading up to +6, the Ruthenois quickly saw their momentum cut off by Mantaille. The visitors caught up with Matija Sagadin’s protégés at the end of the first quarter (22-18), patiently waiting for their chance. And it was as soon as the clock resumed that the Drômois made the switch. After regaining control, they took advantage of their defensive efficiency, neutralizing all Ruthenian attempts, to play the card of (very) quick counterattacks. A strategy that paid off as the visitors scored no less than eight points in less than two minutes, relegating Rodez to -9 in the middle of the second quarter.

The Ruthenois failed to regain the advantage in Mantaille, Saturday April 13. Aveyron Press Center – Jean-Louis Bories

Behind, the bloods tried to hang on, but their waste of shots and the skill of Mantaille behind the three-point line, as Sagadin had warned before the duel, kept the gap more or less around of ten points. The visitors, notably supported by their captain Stéphane Sarrazin, who gained momentum throughout the match (26 points), only saw the danger arise at the dawn of the final quarter.

“We made lots of little mistakes, too many”

Rodez was back on track. Even equalized (69-69, 34th)! All of this brought the Amphitheater to a boil, until tension rose between the two camps on the floor two minutes from the buzzer. Mantaille had already regained a nine-length lead and Pierre-Ismaël Chumiatcher’s three points in the final moments could not change anything.

“We had big moments of absence, shifts in concentration from certain players who are unforgiving. Especially against a team like this, and we knew it, which has shooters everywhere, underlined Matija Sagadin They were better than us. We made lots of little mistakes, too many.

Rodez now has two trips to make to complete its season: to Andrézieux-Bouthéon on Saturday April 20, then to Agde on April 28.

Technical sheet :
Quarter-time score : 22-18, 36-44,57-64.
Rodez : Diouf 21 points, Salhi, Bannerman 3, William (cap.) 15, Chumiatcher 15, Gelin 4, Rigal 6, Sharta 7, Vérol-Mangeot, Frugère 9.
Mantaille : Heart, R. Lenglet 5 points, T. Lenglet 9, M. Lenglet 6, A. Lenglet 21, Sarrazin (cap.) 26, Clémençon 11, Bonnave 15.
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