M-HOPE ~Everyone’s Hope~: Ibaraki Robots’ Community Contribution Through Sports Auction and Basketball Activites

Ibaraki Robots’ community contribution activity “M-HOPE ~Everyone’s Hope~” is carried out together with everyone. With the aim of revitalizing the region through Robots activities and basketball, we are working together with the “Let’s all work for the future of the region!” booster.

This time, at the sports auction “HATTRICK” operated by Valuence Japan Co., Ltd., from 18:00 on Friday, April 19th, the “CITY EDITION Uniform Auction” will be held, and the “2023-24 season CITY EDITION uniforms with autographs from the players will be sold.” ” (top and bottom set) for sale.

A portion of the proceeds will be used to invite local children, children in foster care facilities, and facilities for people with disabilities to home games. We sincerely look forward to your cooperation in the “M-HOPE” initiative.

CITY EDITION Uniform Auction Overview

CITY EDITION uniforms designed with the theme of “Mito x Music” will be delivered with the players’ autographs!
With the cooperation of our main sponsor, Adastria Co., Ltd., the 2023-24 season CITY EDITION uniform was designed with the image of Mito becoming lively with music, teams and boosters fighting as one, and resounding with the sound of victory. ”.
In this auction, we will deliver the uniforms worn by each of the 16 players (top and bottom set) with their autographs!

Exhibition contents

2023-24 season CITY EDITION uniform 16 items

  • Autographed by each player

Auction period

April 19, 2024 (gold) 18:00 ~ April 24 (water) 22:00


“Creating a sustainable future for athletes. A sports auction run by Valuence Japan Co., Ltd. with the business mission of “.” As a new auction service that protects the value of athletes and teams, connects the feelings of fans, and co-creates new value, we support everyone involved in sports.
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