I Intercentro Olympics in Aljaraque: Promoting Inclusive Sport and Values among Students

Almost 600 students They have been part, over two days, of the I Intercentro Olympics held in Aljaraque in which 4th year Primary students from the Antonio Guerrero, El Puntal, Pura Domínguez and Tierno Galván schools and 1st year ESO students from the Fuente Juncal and Pérez Mercader secondary schools have participated.

The activity has been organized by the Department of Education and Sports of the council, which directs Leticia Villegasat the request of the proposal prepared by the Municipal Council of Childhood and Adolescence of the Aljaraque City Councilwith the collaboration of the aforementioned educational centers.

It has covered specialties such as paddle tennis, pichi, tennis, colpball, shooting ball, badminton and goalboal in what has meant two very fun and special days in which, under the motto ‘For inclusive sport, where we all win‘, values ​​such as camaraderie, sportsmanship, improvement, integration and solidarity, reigning the good atmosphere among all the athletes who, in addition, have received a small gift in recognition of their involvement and behavior.

2024-04-18 07:55:03
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