Luis Alberto, Lazio doesn’t give discounts. No fine but Lotito is clear: «Bring an offer»

The announcement on TV wasn’t enough, even the social confirmation: «I’m grateful for the displays of affection, my relationship with the Lazio fans is excellent and it’s just a source of pride, I will always have them in my heart for these years. In the meantime, I will continue to work hard and give my all on the pitch until the last minute of the last match.” A message that feels even more like farewell from Luis Alberto. For the best assistman in the history of Lazio (on Friday he rose to 72) the Capitoline parenthesis now seems to be over after yet another twist, but it is still a film already seen for the Biancoceleste club, which often finds itself faced with the Luis’s desire for a change of scenery. The last time was in November 2022, when under Sarri he was now a reserve. During the break for the World Cup, however, he decided to stay and as the weeks went by he became such a firm point that the following summer he snatched the renewal for 4 million plus bonuses until 2027 with an option until 2028. A negotiation that was not at all simple in the end he even saw Lotito convince himself, a rarity. This is why yesterday the owner was annoyed by yet another outburst from the Spaniard: «He probably wants to go away for free, but he doesn’t. He has four more years here, he asked for a renewal and is the second highest paid player. The contract is signed obtorcollo – the president reminded Adnkronos – he asks for more and then doesn’t show up for training camp as you will all remember. And now he comes out with this all of a sudden without saying anything. If he wants to leave he has to find a team that will buy him. We are a company listed on the stock exchange and letting him go on a free transfer would mean depleting the assets.”


The Magician didn’t even manage to cast his spell with Fabiani: “I get angry when you want to convey a message of pandering to the fans for your own interests, it’s not good.” Yet for the sporting director Luis Alberto’s words were not a bolt from the blue: «With the advent of Tudor he told me that at the end of the year he would prefer to change team – the manager revealed to Lazio Style Channel – and I replied to him that first we had the duty to finish the season in the best possible way. However, no one has ever promised to terminate the contract, which among other things he recently renewed.” And again: «Thanks to my intermediation, Lotito accepted the conditions of the entourage. Now, six months later, has everything changed? He will have to explain to me. We are for peace, but we will not accept compromises, but I would use a phrase that is not mine to explain the story: “Every now and then the king’s groom must be allowed a few tantrums”. The Spaniard had already been pardoned in August after the mutiny, one of the first shocks for the dressing room. In that case, however, he disrespected everyone, while this time he only expressed his intention to leave at the end of the season, which was also confirmed yesterday in a conversation with Fabiani. In the end, therefore, the number 10 will not be punished, but in the summer he will have to bring in a buyer, which is not an easy task considering the onerous contract and the 32 years he is about to reach. There is no shortage of admirers. From Saudi Arabia to La Liga, with Sevilla and Cadiz having been tracking him for some time, passing through Serie A with Napoli always vigilant and Inzaghi who would gladly take him to Inter, but only on a free transfer. This time Luis Alberto will really need magic.


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