LIVE – UBB-Harlequins: the Girondins finally take the lead, crazy end to the match

Union Bordeaux-Bègles faces the English club Harlequins this Saturday in the quarter-final of the Champions Cup. Without Jalibert or Penaud, injured.


UBB test! (65th, 34-35)

Tambwe’s test for Bordeaux-Bègles!


Bielle-Biarrey is hovering over this Champions Cup

Girondin’s 6th try in the competition. Quite simply the best scorer.


UBB test! (59th, 29-35)

4th try from Bordeaux-Bègles which immediately responds to Harlequins! Buros made the difference by breaking a line before sending the Bielle-Biarrey rocket flattening into the London goal. Lucu transforms. 9th try of the match. What a game ! The UBB is coming back (again). Everything is still possible in this meeting.


Essay des Quins! (57e, 22-33)

5th try for Harlequins! After a penalty found by Smith, the ball carried was once again fatal to the Girondins. Dombrandt comes to register in power. The London forwards are unstoppable. Smith transforms. 22-35 for the Quins. Everything has to be done again for the UBB.


Penalty for the UBB! (53rd, 22-28)

Lucu passes 3 more points for Bordeaux-Bègles. UBB is only 6 points behind Harlequins.


Depoortere decision (50th, 19-28)

Good scratching from Girondin but Lucu does not find the touch afterwards.


UBB cannot do it in the scrum (48th, 19-28)

The Girondins were, once again, knocked down in a closed scrum. The big downside of this meeting on the Bordeaux side. Marcus Smith will be able to give his team some breathing room.


Bielle-Biarrey very close to the 4th try (46th, 19-28)

The Girondins are overtaking the Londoners. Lesgourgues sends Bielle-Biarrey on his wing but the latter is picked up just before the Quins line by Porter. Big highlight for UBB at the start of the second half.


UBB test! (43rd, 19-28)

The 3rd Girondin try! From the start! Boniface makes a magnificent, daring pass, which allows Depoortere to use his speed to flatten into a corner. Lucu transforms. Very good start from the UBB. 17-28 still for the English.


Here we go again !

Start of the second half between UBB and Harlequins. Lesgourgues replaces Garcia on the Girondin side, Lucu goes to the opening.


Half-time at Chaban-Delmas

12-28 at the break for the Quins, the Girondins are on the brink of collapse.


Essay des Quins! (40e, 18-26)

Already the 4th try for the Londoners, just before half-time! The touch is provided by the Quins and Evans comes to forcefully flatten in the UBB goal after another very effective conquest of the forwards. Smith transforms. The English team regains a 16-point lead. 12-28 for Harlequins, much sharper and faithful to their game, at half-time.


The Gironde scrum explodes (39th, 12-21)

Closed scrum which turns into a nightmare for the UBB, overturned by the London forwards. Penaltouch coming for the Quins and big danger for the Bordelais a few seconds before the break.


A funny image of the 1st cool-down break (36th, 12-21)

No, it’s not raining today in Bordeaux… but it’s (very) hot.


En-avant de Depoortere (34e, 12-21)

The Girondins achieve a very good 50-22 and return to the London camp. The UBB multiplies the phases of play but Depoortere misses his transmission to Garcia. The people of Bordeaux can blame themselves. Great missed opportunity.


UBB suffers again (33rd, 12-21)

The Londoners continue playing times and advance into the Girondin camp. Clearing at the neck of the Quins. UBB recovers the ball.


Essay des Quins! (29th, 12-21)

What an attempt by the Londoners! On his wing, Murley resists 2 Girondin tackles, not incisive enough before transmitting to Dombrandt who advances like a bulldozer. Porter inherits the leather, hits a smart kick and manages to recover it to flatten it in the UBB goal. Smith transforms. What an English reaction.


UBB test! (25th, 12-14)

The Italian referee awards the try to Romain Buros! Maxime Lucu transforms. 12-14 for Harlequins. The Girondins are back in the match.


The Girondins a few centimeters from the 2nd try (24th, 5-14)

Buros does a lot of damage and is sent on a new playing time to flatten in the London goal. The Bordeaux player, however, seems to have been caught on the line by the Quins defense. Video refereeing in progress.


UBB pushes (23rd, 5-14)

Quins lost the ball, the Girondins recovered, Moefana broke through the English defense before Lucu passed to Buros, who was well stopped by the Londoners. The UBB is still a little messy in its playing time but is gaining ground.


UBB test! (20th, 5-14)

Lucu revives and wakes up the UBB! The Girondins inherit a penalty in the London 22 meters and carry a good ball. Lucu rushes into space following his teammate Miquel’s tackle on Porter and flattens on the wing. Video refereeing is requested but the Italian referee of the match validates the first try of the Bordelais. Lucu misses the transformation. 5-14 for the Quins still but the UBB is doing better.


UBB loses the ball once again (17th, 0-14)

Girondins are very crumbly on the ground and still lose their leather. The Quins send their forwards and achieve little playing time. The UBB fails to deploy its game.


Cool break (15th, 0-14)

1st cool break in Chaban-Delmas. This was initially supposed to come in the 20th minute of the match… This shows the playing conditions and the heat today in Bordeaux. This break could do good for UBB, submerged at the start of the meeting.


The Girondins miss each other (14th, 0-14)

The UBB thought it would finally have an opportunity to score its first points in this match but the Girondins – best hit since the start of the competition – were blocked… in touch. Like a symbol. The Quins recover the ball and go on the attack again.


Harlequins in an armchair (12th, 0-14)

The Londoners are more aggressive, sharp and efficient at the start of the match. They play with a lot of variations. There is no photo. The Girondins have not played more than 3 times since the start of the match. Starving.


Penalty try for Quins! (9th, 0-14)

The Italian referee of the match ruled: a penalty try for the Londoners following Garcia’s voluntary forward, who received a yellow card. UBB is at 14. Catastrophic start to the match for Bordeaux.


UBB pierced (8th, 0-7)

New terrible breakthrough for the Quins in the Girondin camp. The UBB defense is not there. Smith tries to find his winger but his pass is blocked by Garcia. Video refereeing in progress. Perhaps a penalty try for UBB because of a possible voluntary forward from Garcia.


Buros accelerates (7th, 0-7)

The Londoners lose the ball, Lucu recovers and sends Buros quickly but the latter misses his transmission. Ahead. The Quins recover the leather.


The Girondins try to react (5th, 0-7)

1st touch and 1st start of the game for the Bordelais. The latter miss in the Quins 22 and commit a forward. The locals are imprecise and seem tense at the start of the match.


Quins test! (3rd, 0-7)

Already the first try for the Londoners! Shower the Girondins at the entrance. Maxime Lucu is surprised after a third charge from Cunningham-South. On the closed side, Harlequins develop their action and go all the way through Care’s replacement. Smith transforms. 0-7 for the Quins.


First scrum (1st, 0-0)

The first scrum of the match is in favor of UBB.


Let’s go !

Start of this quarter-final between UBB and Harlequins.


The players enter the pitch

Kick-off of the match in a few seconds. A minute of applause for André Boniface in Chaban-Delmas.


The program for the other quarter-finals

Here are the other posters from these Champions Cup quarter-finals.


UBB with good memories of 2021?

Three years ago, the Girondins qualified for the last four of the competition. UBB had been (only) beaten by Stade Toulousain.


A first between the two clubs

This is the very first confrontation in history between the two teams. A highly anticipated match for a place in the semi-final.


A duel that smells of gunpowder

Girondin Louis Bielle-Biarrey has scored 5 tries in the Champions Cup this season, as many as Quins’ South African André Esterhuizen. The two players will be able to decide this afternoon.


Ideal playing conditions

The sun is beating down on the Chaban-Delmas stadium today.


Compo des Quins

The English playing master of the London team, Marcus Smith, is there.


The composition of the UBB

Note the absences of Matthieu Jalibert and Damian Penaud.


Hello everyone

Welcome to this live to follow the quarter-final between Union Bordeaux-Bègles and Harlequins. Kick-off 4 p.m. at the Chaban-Delmas stadium.

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