LIVE – UBB-Clermont: the Girondins take off

Bordeaux-Bègles must beat ASM on Sunday at the end of the 21st day of Top 14 to stay in the race for the final stages.


UBB test! (52nd, 32-0)

The double for Penaud, the offensive bonus for Bordeaux-Bègles!


UBB test! (50th, 27-0)

Tambwe for the 3rd test of Bordeaux-Bègles! Jalibert finds Penaud following a nice kicking game. The Bordeaux winger loses the ball but his team recovers it and the game shifts to the other wing, for Tambwe, who flattens into the Auvergne in-goal. Lucu transforms and continues his flawless performance. The ASM is stunned.


Lamothe clears his team (47th, 20-0)

Under pressure from Clermont, the No.16 of UBB hits a long kick to ward off the danger while ASM was very close to scoring its first try.


The Auvergnats try to react (46th, 20-0)

The Jaunards are getting closer to the 22 Bordeaux players. Sowakula does damage and gains meters. Intelligent and dangerous footwork from Belleau behind the Gironde defense. Jalibert covers well. Coming to put pressure, the Auvergnat Jurand grabs the ball and thinks about flattening it into a corner but the winger puts his foot in touch. The Jaunards’ attempt is refused.


UBB test! (43rd, 20-0)

Following a 2nd penalty, the Bordelais play wide, on the opposite wing, for Penaud who quietly scores his team’s 2nd try! Lucu adjusts and transforms. 20-0 for Bordeaux-Bègles which drives the point home in this second half.


Entry penalty for Jalibert (41st, 13-0)

The Clermontois are penalized on the first ball of this second half. Jalibert finds the penalty in the 22 Auvergne region.


Here we go again !

Start of the second period between UBB and ASM. Tameifuna replaces Taufa on the Girondin side.


Fisher (again) forfeits

Note that ASM Clermont Auvergne once again had to face a last minute withdrawal for this evening’s match at Chaban-Delmas. Third row Alexandre Fischer, already absent for many months, had to give way to Anthime Hemery at kick-off. Bad news for the Jaunards.


Half-time at Chaban-Delmas

UBB leads 13-0 against ASM. The Girondins have generally been more incisive and efficient since the start of the match.


Lucu for 3 extra points! (39th, 13-0)

The Girondin flyhalf ensures his kick in the Clermont camp and scores 3 more points. 13-0 for Bordeaux-Bègles.


It’s hot on the Clermont goal (38th, 10-0)

Following a penalty in the Auvergne 22, the Girondins continued playing time but were unable to penetrate the Clermont defense. Penaud tries but falls short on the Jaunards, who are still penalized. Penalty to come for UBB.


The ineffective Jaunards (36th, 10-0)

ASM missed 15 tackles in this first period. Symptomatic of the lack of efficiency and aggressiveness of the Auvergne people.


Belleau clears his camp (35th, 10-0)

The Auvergne scrum half takes a long kick and clears the danger from his camp. The Clermontois had been under pressure for a few minutes. The game is quite choppy.


The Bordelais miss each other (33rd, 10-0)

Following the throw-in, the Girondins made a mistake. Scrum to come for the Jaunards in their 22 meters.


The Jaunards penalized (32nd, 10-0)

The Clermontois are punished on the ground. Tempers heat up slightly. Jalibert comes to find the penalty at the entrance of the 22 of the ASM.


The Gironde scrum gives in (31st, 10-0)

The Auvergne forwards got the better of the Bordeaux team. Belleau hits a long kick to bring the ASM back up.


Raka leaves with injury (30th, 10-0)

Following his clash with Buros, the Auvergne gave way to Fall.


Jalibert creates danger (29th, 10-0)

The Bordeaux player strikes another vicious kick in the 22 Clermontois. Jauneau recovers the ball under Gironde pressure.


Buros hit Raka (28th, 10-0)

Jalibert hits an interesting kick from his camp, Buros follows and accelerates before violently stumbling against Raka in the center of the field. The Clermontois remains on the ground and appears to have been hit in the shoulder.


ASM not dangerous enough (25th, 10-0)

The Clermontois did not have a bad start to the match but did not show themselves to be incisive enough in the Bordeaux camp.


Essai de Worship ! (22nd, 10-0)

What a classy action from the Australian! The Girondin once again made the difference with his speed before creating a magnificent fake pass that was fatal to the Clermont defense. Lucu transforms. 10-0 for UBB.


Bibi Biziwu touched (21st, 3-0)

After several periods of play on each side, the Auvergne forward injured his wrist. The Clermontois is replaced by Beria. Scrum to come for Bordeaux-Bègles.


Belleau fails! (19th, 3-0)

The Clermont scrum half does not secure his team’s first penalty. The wind diverted the trajectory of the ball. 3-0 still for UBB.


ASM against the Gironde side (17th, 3-0)

The Jaunards are penalized for a tackle without the ball. Jalibert finds the penalty but the Bordelais are blocked in touch.


Festival de Tambwe (16e, 3-0)

The UBB winger, under pressure in his 22, reviews the Clermontois before transmitting to Penaud who is finally caught in the center of the field.


1st penalty for Lucu! (14th, 3-0)

Maxime Lucu passes the first 3 points of the match, against the wind. Bordeaux-Bègles opened the scoring.


Worship a montre (12e, 0-0)

The Girondin creates a new difference on the wing and allows the UBB to gain meters.


Penaud misses (10th, 0-0)

The Girondins overtake the Clermont defense for the first time in the match. Tapuai, on a slip, tries to cross with Penaud but the French international shows clumsiness and commits the forward. A boulevard was taking shape for the Bordeaux region. The ASM was hot.


The Bordelais jostled (8th, 0-0)

UBB, the Top 14 team which scored the most points in the first quarter of an hour, was disrupted at the start of the match by the Clermontois, completely uninhibited and confident after their magnificent victory (53-14) at the weekend. last in the Challenge Cup quarter-final against Ulster.


The Jaunards spoil (7th, 0-0)

The Auvergnats had approached the UBB goal line but committed a forward attack. Scrum to come for the Girondins in their 22.


Belleau’s eye (5th, 0-0)

After another scrum, Jauneau transmits to his scrum half Belleau who finds a very good shower in the 22 Bordeaux.


1st Clermont scrum (3rd, 0-0)

The ASM forwards hold on but Jauneau does not get the ball out. Scrum to come, this time, for the Girondins.


The Clermontois in their camp (1st, 0-0)

1st possession for the Auvergnats, at the limit of their 22 meters.


Let’s go !

Start of this UBB-Clermont.


The actors enter the lawn

The match kicks off in a few seconds.


The Yellow Army is very present

Auvergne fans came in numbers to Bordeaux.


The players are warming up

Only a few minutes left before kick-off.


Bordeaux supporters are ready

Great cheer for the arrival of the UBB players.


The warm-up will begin soon

The toss has been carried out. The UBB will kick off.


250th for Slimani

The Clermontois celebrates his 250th in Top 14 this evening.


ASM in hostile terrain

The Girondins know how to welcome the Auvergne people as they should.


The stakes of the match

Eliminated after one of the most spectacular encounters in the history of the Champions Cup, in the quarter-final against the Londoners Harlequins (41-42) last Saturday, the Girondins, 7th in the Top 14, must bounce back this Sunday evening at home against Clermontois, 11th and in difficulty in the championship.

The Jaunards, who soundly beat Ulster (53-14) last week in the quarter-final of the Challenge Cup, have won only one of their last 6 Top 14 matches and are close to the relegation zone.

UBB must win to get back into the top 6, synonymous with play-offs for the final stages. The Bordelais also suffered a defeat in the championship, in Lyon (27-10). Place your bets.


The Clermont XV

15. Newsome, 14. Jurand, 13. Darricarrere, 12. Heritage, 11. Shelf ; 10.Belleau, 9.Yellow ; 7.Fischer, 8.Sowakula, 6.Tixeront ; 5.Simmons, 4.Jedrasiac ; 3.Slimani, 2.Fourcade, 1.Evil Biziwu


The Girondin XV

15.Buros; 14. Penaud, 13.Depoortere, 12.Tapuai, 11.Tambwe; 10.Jalibert, 9.Lucu; 7.Diaby, 8.Miquel, 6.Vergnes Taillefer; 5.Coleman, 4.Petti; 3.Taufa, 2.Latterrade, 1.Boniface


Good evening everyone

Welcome to this live to follow the meeting between Union Bordeaux-Bègles and Clermont at the end of the 21st day of the Top 14. Kick-off at 9:05 p.m. at the Chaban-Delmas stadium.

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