Legendary French Football Coach Guy Roux Reveals Shocking UEFA Cup Quarter-Final Incident

At 85, Guy Roux continues to lead debates in French football. Often present on TV sets, he continues to closely monitor the development of football. In an interview given to our colleagues at Figarohe returned to the quarter-final lost by his team against CSKA in the UEFA Cup (4-0 defeat in Russia, 2-0 victory at Auxerre in 2005): “Yes, not having won the European Cup. We were robbed in the quarter-final of the UEFA Cup by the Russians CSKA Moscow. The referee was bought. In the return match, I’m going to tell you an anecdote that could land us in prison (smile). After the first leg, I was suspicious and asked a guy from our house to go and search the referees’ bags during the match. He comes back to see me, pale, and says: “There are some superb watches with rubies.”declared the legendary coach of AJ Auxerre.

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In the rest of the interview, the French football legend went on to explain the regrets of never having told this story sooner: “I had ten minutes to make the right decision. Six months before this match, I had decided to stop with Auxerre, no one knew it. If I decide to call the cops and the authorities, they are denounced, I will have the four German referees fired and I will be the guy at the origin of this scandal, but not the person who played 894 League matches 1 and carried the AJA to Europe. I didn’t take the right solution. I said nothing. And I was even more of an idiot by not stealing the watches (laughs)”, concluded Guy Roux. After the anger and frustration, it’s time for humor.

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