LeBron James: More Playoff Minutes Than Some NBA Franchises

Here it is, the lunar stat of the week. We realized that at the age of 39, LeBron James had spent more time on the floor in the Playoffs than certain NBA franchises. So, what is this story again?

Yes yes, that’s a real stat. We checked. With 11,654 cumulative minutes in the Playoffs, LeBron James already exceeds the Thunder franchise which has 2,619 (not counting the SuperSonics era), that of the Mavericks (who have already won the title in 2011) which has 7,376 and that of the Timberwolves which has 8,195. Note that the King is not far in the retro of the Nuggets and the Pelicans (when we add the minutes of the New Orleans Hornets), at the same time… crazy . Completely crazy.


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As a reminder, some of these franchises have been around for a while, the Wolves date back to 1990, the Mavericks have been in the NBA since 1980. It must be said that after his match against at the Nuggets on the night of Saturday to Sunday, the Bron is at 55 series in 17 Playoff campaigns. Some teams would dream of having a CV so rich in Post Season.

At this stage of his career, it will be complicated for him to look for other teams to put in his rearview mirror. But LeBron will still be able to show off in front of the young Thunder if he meets them in the Conference Finals, telling them that he spent almost five times more time in the Playoffs than their franchise alone. Not bad, the flex.

Far from the very great All-Time teams like the Celtics who have accumulated 34,905 minutes played in 778 games, LeBron still spent more time on the pitch in the Playoffs than certain NBA franchises. And that deserves a few extra laurels. See you soon for LeBron James’ next lunar stat.

Source texte : Statmuse

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