Laurent Gerra Criticizes French Culture and Embraces Old-Fashioned Taste

By Elsa Girard-Basset | Web journalist

Passing on the CNEWS set very recently, Laurent Gerra was questioned about his assumed taste for the past and now bygone eras. Far from being uncomfortable, the native of Mézeriat was especially painted a worrying portrait of the current French scene… while scratching Aya Nakamura in the process, unsurprisingly.

For 30 years, he has been at the top of the pyramid of imitators, joined by a certain Nicolas Canteloup for around twenty years. In imitation, Laurent Gerra does almost everything, fills all the rooms, and draws dozens of voices. It is no coincidence that he tries to launch himself as an actor and comedian, often with success.

Far from the boards and film sets, the former companion of Mathilde Seigner is known for his love of old actors and singers, of a certain France in black and white, in which he recognizes himself infinitely more. Audiard’s films, Trénet’s songs: that’s what makes Gerra tick, and not Louane, Slimane and others.

Laurent Gerra disappointed by the cultural state of France

Guest of Pascal Praud on CNEWS very recently, Gerra did not deny this outdated label which sticks to his skin. With his usual banter, he explained:

It’s assumed. You know, I have a friend who said that preferring Mozart to David Guetta is not being outdated, it’s having taste! Aya Nakamura? Oula… No. I know it gets people talking but when you listen to the lyrics of his songs, it’s stupid. I want to be open-minded, but we still chose one… For comedians, that’s good!

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Following his momentum, Nicolas Canteloup’s rival then drove home the point about the absence of culture in France in his eyes:

If I like things from the past so much, it’s because the lack of culture in our time is terrible. So we must draw on what has been done before, to shed light on the present.

These comments will not fail to classify Gerra a little further to the right in the eyes of his detractors, he who is already perceived as leaning towards that side of the political spectrum. In an interview with VSD in 2015, he nevertheless spoke out against this notion, believing that they were only interpretations. He then proclaimed:

These are interpretations. Because I don’t like rap and I’m old-fashioned, I’m marked to the right? And then, there are people on the left who are conservative! Conservative, reactionary… It’s the journalists who say that, not the public. Besides, I have an audience from all sides.

Like many people, Laurent Gerra is quite distressed by the cultural difference between the era he admires, that of Lino Ventura, Jean Gabin, Charles Aznavour and others, and the current level. And if many don’t dare to say it, he clearly accepts it! Without worrying about what people will say about it, who have been indifferent to him for a long time already…

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