Kevin Cordon vies for title in Badminton Pan American 2024 – Finals Set in Guatemala

He’s going for the title! The first national racket Kevin Cordon will dispute the final of the Badminton Pan American 2024 which is celebrated in Guatemala, in the Gymnasium Teodoro Palacios Flores.

The emotion on the court will be experienced to the fullest in the finals of the championship which is celebrated in the country, where the zacapaneco of gold will seek to be crowned at home to delight the fans who come to the stage in zone 5, Guatemala City. What a chilero!

Final of the Pan American Badminton Guatemala 2024: Kevin Cordón goes for the title

The way of Kevin Cordon In the Pan American it has been a great success that will lead him to compete in the grand final that will be held on Saturday, April 13, 2024 at the Gymnasium Teodoro Palacios Flores. All category definitions will take place starting at 10:00 am.

For qualify for the grand final, Cordón faced the Brazilian Ygor Coelho in the semifinals on court 1 of the gym. The match was won by the Guatemalan 2-0 with partial scores of 21/19 and 21/19, to give him the classification.

The road to success began with his first victory against the also Guatemalan Diego Trujillo Marrero whom he beat 2-0 with partials of 11/21 and 7/21. In eighths was measured at Jose Ochoa and beat him 2-0, (11/21 and 11/21). The most worked match was experienced in quarter finals against the Peruvian Víctor Lai, whom he beat 2-1 (21/15, 16/21 and 21/10).

Description of the photo for people with visual disabilities: In the image, the national team Kevin Cordón shoots the rooster during the semifinal that he won and assured him a place in the final of the Pan American Badminton Guatemala 2024. (Credit: CDAG)

When will the Cordón final be at the Pan American Championship?

He zacapaneco will dispute the Badminton Pan American final in the country on Saturday, April 13, 2024 during the finals. His game will be the second in the working dayso if you want to support the national cockerel You will have to arrive early to the gym in zone 5.

Cordón will face the Salvadoran Uriel Francisco Canjura, who delivered the great blow of the tournament by defeating Canadian Brian Yang, who was seeded as first racket in the championship. The match was full of emotion and was decided in two sets with partials 21/16 and 21/15.

The last points before the Paris 2024 Olympics

He championship It will not only serve to Guatemalans They can watch the team play at home, also so that all participants can accumulate ranking points, since this will be the last stop to accumulate points.

For Guatemala it will be a great emotion to be able to enjoy Kevin Cordonwho is seeded worldwide in 40th place in the ranking, which would achieve his classification to their third parties Olympic Gamesso it will be very exciting to accompany you in the gym.

Description of the photo for people with visual disabilities: In the image the national team Kevin Cordón entering the Teodoro Palacios Flores Gymnasium. (Credit: CDAG)

His remarkable performance in each match reflects not only his physical abilitybut also your ability to remain calm and focused at crucial moments.

So far Guatemala has 10 athletes qualified for the Olympic Games, and Kevin will join the select group when the International Federation announce to the athletes who will be in Paris 2024. What a chilero!

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