Judo Champion Knocked Out in MMA Fight: Viral Video Causes Speculation

A judo champion knocked herself out during a mixed martial arts (MMA) fight in the Czech Republic. Drobenka Kotlarova, a judoka almost two meters tall and weighing more than 100 kilos, faced the influencer and actress Regina Labajova in a fight that lasted just a few seconds.

The confrontation took place at the Praha Unyp Arena in Prague, where an MMA function was held with fighters with little experience but with great aspirations. The contest between Kotlarova and Labajova stood out for the notable physical difference between the two competitors.

Despite Kotlarova’s size advantage, the fight was brief. In an attempt to connect with her rival, Kotlarova stumbled and hit her face on the cage. Labajova took advantage of the moment to apply an arm choke, resulting in a TKO victory for the actress and influencer.

After the fight, Labajova approached Kotlarova to check on her health and offer words of encouragement. Meanwhile, Kotlarova’s team cared for her and provided her with water.

Images of the fight have gone viral on social media, leading some international media to speculate that the incident may have been planned to gain notoriety. However, this has not been confirmed.

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In a video posted on social media after the fight, Kotlarova called for a new opponent to give her another chance in the octagon. It is worth mentioning that in countries such as Russia and the Czech Republic, MMA events are held with extravagant fights, including confrontations between competitors of different weights and even one-on-one fights against several rivals.

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