Judo CDMX Prepares for Macro Regional CONADE with Special Training Session

Judo CDMX will have special closing training and preparation for Macro Regional CONADE

To close all their preparation for the CONADE Macro Regional tournament, the Mexico City (CDMX) Judo Team will have their special training for the challenge they will have this weekend, heading for the CONADE 2024 Nationals.

This practice was announced by the Judokas Association of Mexico City (Judo CDMX), which is chaired by Professor Jesús Rosas González, who reported that for this special training the capital team of the Sub 13 and Sub 15 categories was called. .

He indicated that the practice will take place this Wednesday, April 10 at the Judotecnia Victoria dojo, located at the Deportivo Victoria de las Democracies, in the Azcapotzalco mayor’s office.

He mentioned that the training will be given from 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m., and will be led by instructors who will accompany the capital team to their appointment that they will have from April 12 to 14 in the City of Querétaro.

The president of Judo CDMX noted that this training will be focused on certain aspects to refine and reinforce the technical-tactical aspects of the capital’s teams, as well as to give them the latest instructions.

Another point, he indicated, will be that all members of the Mexico City Judo Team have the certainty that they have the support of all their teammates, coaches and authorities of their respective mayors and of the sport of CDMX.

With this, we will only have to wait for the time and departure point of the capital team to be confirmed to its appointment in Querétaro for the Macro Regional tournament.

Judo CDMX will have special closing training and preparation for Macro Regional CONADE

Image: Courtesy and Sendero Martial Arts Archive.

2024-04-09 21:03:46
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