José Raúl Mulino commits to giving water and jobs to Tocumen

The presidential candidate for the alliance of the Realizing Goals and Alliance parties, José Raúl Mulino toured the communities of Tocumen this Sunday ensuring that from the first day of his government will attack the problem of lack of drinking water throughout the country, a program that includes building the Bayano water treatment plant that will guarantee the vital service for this part of the Capital district and surrounding areas.

“There is no water in Tocumen, but this is a general situation throughout the country, so it will be a problem that we will address from day one,” stated Mulino who was accompanied by his wife Maricel de Mulino, the candidate for mayor of the Capital district, Sergio Chello Gálvez; and the candidate for deputy and president of the Alianza party, José “Pepe” Muñoz.

Mulino also said in Tocumen that priority will be given to the problem of the poor garbage collection service, which entails the construction of a waste treatment and recycling plant.

The benefit of the largest first job program for youth, said the presidential candidate. A goal that will be achieved with the support of private companies and the boost that the development projects will give. immediate activation infrastructure which has the Martinelli-Mulino formula government plan, such as the highway rescue and rehabilitation program.

The president of the Alianza party reiterated Mulino’s promise, noting that the problem of lack of drinking water and garbage These are issues that will be attacked once the new government of the Martinelli-Mulino working formula takes office.

After concluding an extensive walk, a rally was held, where hundreds of supporters participated; The video of the inauguration of El Metro de Panamá was presented there, highlighting the flagship work of Ricardo Martinelli, which caused a great commotion and shouting from those present when passing laterally the Panama Metro. Mulino stated that the Metro will reach La Siesta in Tocumen.

José Raúl Mulino maintained that the “Compita Stores” They are going to be installed nationwide so that the people can have cheap food, purchased directly from the national producer and distributed in an orderly manner by the IMA.

While, Chello Galvez He stated that during this tour he was able to verify the absence of the mayor of Panama in these communities: “The absence of the mayor’s office in the communities is not only in the town of Tocumen, but at the level of the Capital district, proof of this are the surveys that place the current mayor in the last places”commented the candidate for mayor of the capital.

Chello Gálvez said to install the “Chello Market” with super cheap food prices, In the same way as medicines and veterinary clinics to care for pets and for the elderly, centers will be installed in the 26 towns of the capital district.

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