Jontay Porter Faces Lifetime Ban Amid Suspicion of Betting Fraud in NBA

The name Porter has been on everyone’s lips since the Denver Nuggets triumphed in the NBA. But currently it’s also about a Porter, but this time it’s about the little brother.

NBA professional Jontay Porter faces a lifetime ban on suspicion of betting fraud. “It is a mortal sin that he is accused of and the ultimate, extreme option I have is to ban him from the game,” league chief Adam Silver said Wednesday.

Toronto Raptors center Porter has been under investigation for weeks. Unusual bets on Porter’s performance are said to have been registered during several Canadiens games this season. There is a suspicion that the 24-year-old was substituted to make winnings possible.

Unusually high amounts on statistics

“Ultimately, there is nothing more important than the integrity of competition,” emphasized NBA boss Silver: “And therefore every issue that is raised in this context is of great importance to me and everyone who has the responsibility to protect the game Meaning.”

As reported by ESPN, among others, unknown people had bet unusually large amounts on Toronto’s home games against the Los Angeles Clippers on January 26th and against the Sacramento Kings on March 20th that Porter would stay under a specific number of points, rebounds, assists and three-point shots . A US betting provider reported that this bet was the one with the highest payouts on each day. In both games, Porter was not used for more than four minutes due to injury or illness.

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