Jannik Sinner’s Remarkable Rise: Tennis Legend Mats Wilander’s Analysis

Jannik Sinner is the man of the hour on the ATP tour. Tennis legend Mats Wilander sees the Italian having improved again in recent months and speaks highly of the reigning Australian Open champion.

“The biggest difference that I have observed with Jannik Sinner in the last three months is that he plays out of himself. He doesn’t take so many risks,” Wilander analyzed to “Eurosport”.

The Swede even went one step further. “This is an incredible improvement that I haven’t seen in a young player since the Big Three with Novak Djokovic, when he went from a normal player to the realization: ‘I’m better than these guys,'” Wilander praised the 22nd -year olds.

Sinner “simply noticed that he plays faster than anyone else on the tour, even faster than Carlos Alcaraz, because he takes the ball earlier,” said the TV expert.

Sinner won the first Grand Slam title in his career at the Australian Open. The South Tyrolean recently triumphed at the ATP tournament in Miami. As a result, Sinner climbed to second place in the tennis world rankings and is putting pressure on leader Novak Djokovic.

Tennis legend: Jannik Sinner not the top favorite at the French Open

He believes “that every surface is his best,” said Wilander, attesting that the right-hander has no weaknesses.

According to the tennis icon, Sinner is still not the top favorite at the French Open (May 20th to June 9th).

“He plays more aggressively than Novak most of the time, but the defensive part of his game is very similar. This defense doesn’t always work on clay,” Wilander explained his opinion: “There will be times when you’re not willing to move away from the baseline , where the court is too slippery or his opponent plays too well, and that’s why he won’t be the favorite at the French Open.”

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