Independiente Battles for Playoffs Qualification Against Córdoba Next Weekend

El Rojo will play for qualification to the playoffs against the Córdoba team next weekend at the Libertadores de América.

Next weekend it will be held the last date of the League Cup and Independiente has the classification in its hands. After several favorable results, the team led by Carlos Tevez will face Talleres in a key duel.

The beginning of the day had a very important match, where Vélez and Argentinos Juniors tied 0 to 0. In this way, Fortín was left with 22 points and Rojo jumped to Florencio Sola knowing that if they won they would be equal to the Liniers team. The King of Cups did his part: he won 1-0 thanks to Jhonny Quiñónez’s goal and reached 22 points.

With the task done, Independiente should have expected a favorable result in the duel between Talleres and Independiente Rivadavia. On Córdoba soil, T and Lepra tied 1 to 1 and this match was followed very closely in Avellaneda.

It turns out that, after this tie, Tevez’s team reaches the last date depending on itself. How is this? El Rojo will face Talleres next weekend in the Libertadores de América and By winning they will qualify for the playoffs of the League Cup. The day and time of all matches on date 14 have yet to be defined.

The only scenario in which Independiente, even if winning, would be left out of the first four places would be if Vélez beats Independiente Rivadavia and achieves a greater goal difference than Tevez’s team.. At this moment, both teams have 22 points, but Rojo has +4 goal difference, while Fortín has 0.

2024-04-07 15:14:16
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