“I will not negotiate with any far-right formation”

BarcelonaThe former president and Junts el 12-M candidate Carles Puigdemont has ruled out “negotiating” with the far-right Catalan Alliance after the parliamentary elections. “I will never negotiate with any ultra-right formation”, he said this Monday in an interview with the More 324 from TV3 when they asked him directly about the party led by Sílvia Orriols. However, he has assured that he does not want to talk about this party because in Catalonia “it is talked about beyond its possibilities”: “There is someone who has an interest in inflating this”, he said, without pointing directly to any other match Whoever is not interested in this party becoming big, he added, “is in the process of independence”.

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In this sense, he has criticized that the candidate of the PSC, Salvador Illa, is pressuring him to discard pacts with the Catalan Alliance. “I would like him to be clear when he talks about Vox,” he said, adding: “[El PSOE] He voted with Vox to withdraw my immunity in the European Parliament, and he also spoke out against the interests of Catalonia.” According to Puigdemont, there are those in Catalonia who are doing what François Mitterrand did in France when he “gave wings” to the Jean-Marie Le Pen’s party to “split the right-wing vote” and harm Jacques Chirac: “Look now where the French Socialist Party is and where the National Front is.”

Hand extended to the Left

Although the president, Pere Aragonès, has entered into hand-to-hand combat with Puigdemont, Junts will choose to bypass the Republicans and emphasize the hand extended to the Left. During the interview, he assured that now the pro-independence majority must be “brought together” and all the sovereignist actors should once again sit at the same table to redo the strategy.

In this way, he declined to respond directly to the reproaches of Pere Aragonès – “unity is not built by telling the president to do the same”, he said -, and affirmed that the first person he will call if he has options to build a majority to be invested will be for the Left candidate. Instead, he has insisted that he will not negotiate anything with the PSC. “I will not sit down to negotiate with Illa or Sánchez, because they will know what they have to do,” he said, and reiterated that if Illa makes a last-minute pact like Jaume Collboni did in Barcelona, ​​there will be consequences for the Spanish legislature.

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