Heartbreak in the Finals: Rinconada Falls Just Short of Thirteenth Title

Defeat by points. It couldn’t be tighter and Badminton Rinconada will have to wait one more year, and it’s already been 12, to win its thirteenth title: 439 to 405. That was the result of the final resolved by points after winning the draw 3-4 in the round Cañamero equaling the result of the first leg. The most frenetic duel in the history of the finals has had the same result as always. When everything seemed like it could end with the Rinconada curse, Bea Corrales could not close the number 2 singles match without giving up more than one set and did not culminate a comeback that seemed to have been made at the Andrés Estrada Pavilion in Huelva.

The clash began with a mixed doubles that was going to provide good proof of the equality of the entire final with a match that was decided by three tight sets for the Huelva team (11-10 11-9 11-9). With the equality expected in the atmosphere, each point, each set was important, and both coaching staffs knew it, because each set achieved was a celebration as if it were the final won.

In the men’s and women’s doubles, the corner opportunity arrived and it was not wasted. They won both matches with a resounding 3-0 that not only turned the score around, but also managed to put the corner players ahead and put the ball in the court of Bea Corrales and Sacha Leveque. Both needed to win their matches immaculately, only being able to give up one set between the two. The Frenchman fulfilled his roadmap even better than in the first leg, as Álvaro Morán was no match for Leveque who quickly eliminated his rival (5-11 7-11 7-11). Everything remained in the hands of Bea Corrales. In the first leg she won 3-1 against Telma Santos, who announced shortly before the match that this would be her last badminton match. An impeccable career that ends at the age of 45 with multiple championships, participation in the Olympic Games and being an important asset for his club.

The first set was won by Bea Corrales 6-11, a score that seemed to suggest that the roadmap could be the one written by the corner team and that it could have its culmination. However, Telma Santos, encouraged by her audience, achieved the necessary two sets that were celebrated as confirmation of the ninth Huelva title. Although Corrales ended up coming back in the game (6-11 11-8 11-10 8-11 10-11) the feeling was that a miracle was needed to win the title.

In the last number 1 individual duels, Rinconada swam to die on the shore with Laura Molina who could do little against Vivien Sandorhazi (11-2 11-0 11-5) and Thomas Fourcade who was close to achieving the finish , but finally was left without a prize (11-5 11-7 11-1) so that Recreativo IES La Orden could celebrate its ninth league title.

At the end of the game Laura Molina seemed “very hurt by the outcome of the game.” “We have been closer than ever. Deciding an entire Spanish Championship final on points is something very difficult and something that hasn’t happened in 12 years,” explained the corner player, who added about the duel that “perhaps the key was in giving in.” that set more than Bea Corrales, but it was due to the merit of Telma Santos, not due to the demerit of Bea (Corrales).” “If you start thinking about things that could have happened differently, you don’t stop, but now it’s time to think about moving forward,” she said.

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