Guerreiro and Kimmich shine, Havertz is missing… The tops and the flops

Par Johan Beausergent

Published 3 hours ago, Updated 3 hours ago

Kimmich stood out while Havertz did not appear in the match. Panoramic

Decisive Kimmich, inspired Guerreiro, Tuchel’s winning plan, the absences of Kane and Havertz… Discover what caught the attention of the editorial staff during Bayern Munich’s victory against Arsenal (1-0).


Laimer, exemplary defensive midfielder

In this particularly defensive match, he showed rare intensity. He regularly came to defend with two on Saka, but also behind his defense like this departure from Havertz (59th). His yellow card for anti-play was well felt because Odegaard had opened up space in the center of the game (55th). Having difficulty in the first leg, today he showed his best level of play.

Kimmich, accuracy on all levels

Everything he had to do was executed perfectly. His crosses in the first half did not find takers but they were all well distilled like his corners. His cross on Garetzka’s head ended up on the bar (46th), and it was ultimately his own header which opened the scoring (63rd). Defensively, Martinelli never laid him down. He cleverly prevents Havertz from launching a counter in added time (91st).

Guerreiro, handyman

His speed allowed him both to return to dangerous counterattacks (61st) but also to launch Bayern offensively. He magnificently assists Mazraoui in the first period who could have opened the scoring (21st) if Ben White had not returned. His backheel to launch Musiala (81st) is a marvel. His shot on the post (47th) could have allowed him to be decisive, but it will ultimately be his precise cross for Kimmich’s head which will change the course of the match (63rd).

Odegaard, the only English detonator

Almost all of England’s actions went through his feet. In the first period he tries and almost deceives Neuer (28th) before serving Martinelli perfectly (31st). In the second half, it was he who again directed the game. If Laimer does not stop him (53rd) the game is open. It’s him again who sends a thrill to the Allianz Arena at the end of the match with another blocked shot in the area (87th).

Tuchel’s defensive system

It was a defensive masterclass offered by the Bayern Munich coach. By supporting the defensive role of his Goretzka-Laimer duo, he completely blocked the offensives of Saka and Martinelli, who were dangerous in the first leg. With its choices, Bayern was very rarely worried. His decision to field a left wing composed of Mazraoui and Guerreiro rather than Mathys Tel also proved to be a wise choice.


Harvertz, a part not suited to his game

His failed control in the 59th minute, his lost duels against Dier and Laimer (55th and 59th) were the rare times in the match where the cameras were interested in the speedy attacker. Apart from his useful defensive placement with Odegaard to lock down the axis, he contributed absolutely nothing offensively. A missed match for number 29.

Musiala and Kane, too erased

The first too rarely highlighted his dribbling while the second was the priority of the Saliba-Gabriel defense. Their rare shots proved harmless. Both players will be satisfied with the qualification to erase this poor performance.


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