Former Goalkeeper Germán ‘Mono’ Burgos Fired for Racist Comment Towards Lamine Yamal

“If football doesn’t work for you, you can end up (working) at a traffic light,” Burgos said after watching Lamine Yamal perform tricks with the ball before Barcelona’s 3-2 first-leg victory over PSG in the Parc des Príncipes. And a real hurricane of disapproval was unleashed towards Diego Simeone’s former assistant at Atlético de Madrid.

Stop it, I’m going alone, Mono Burgos seems to say after the commotion caused by his outburst on a TV broadcast. EFE

Barcelona y Paris Saint-Germain They boycotted interviews with the Spanish station Movistar after Wednesday’s Champions League quarterfinal match as a result of said racist comment made by one of the live analysts. And today, even though the former goalkeeper apologized for his racist remarks, the television network decided to fire him.

Germán Burgos’s apologies

Former Argentine goalkeeper Germán ‘Mono’ Burgos reiterated his apologies for saying, in his work as a commentator for Movistar + during the preview of the Champions League match between PSG and Barcelona, ​​that Lamine Yamal “if he doesn’t do well it ends at a traffic light” while a sequence of the Barça player touching the ball during the warm-up appeared on the screen; and he assured that his intention “was not to vilify Lamine Yamal, quite the opposite.”

“I make this statement reiterating my apologies for my words on yesterday’s program. It was not my intention to harm Lamine Yamal, the people of Barcelona, ​​the players, UEFA, or the Movistar Plus+ platform where I work. When making my comment I chose to make a joke about quality and flatter virtues, in no case was it about any ethnicity or social class,” she indicated in a text.

“After spending so many years in football, I am excited to see the young youth players. I especially admire the amount of new talent that Barça is bringing out because I believe that quality always triumphs in the end. I am a pro-camera coach and in all the teams I have been on I have been concerned about bringing young people to train with the first team. I apologize to anyone who was offended by my comment. My intention was not to vilify Lamine Yamal, quite the opposite,” he adds.


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Burgos concludes: “Football unites everything and everyone, that is why it is the best sport since it does not discriminate based on sex, race, religion, disability, age or sexual orientation. This is what I believe! See you in football!”

For its part, Movistar Plus+, whose questions neither of the two teams wanted to answer after the crash for this reason, classified the comments as “unfortunate” in another statement and also apologized “publicly”, stating that “it will adopt the appropriate measures to guarantee that these events do not occur again.”

“Due to the unfortunate comments made by one of the Movistar Plus+ collaborators in the preview of the UEFA Champions League match between PSG-FC Barcelona about the Barça player Lamine Yamal, the platform publicly apologizes,” he said.

“Movistar Plus+ condemns any type of discrimination and will not allow this type of comments from any of the workers or collaborators linked to the platform. After what happened, the platform will adopt the appropriate measures to guarantee that these events do not occur again,” he concluded.

And finally Movistar decided to cut Mono Burgos’ contract

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The Movistar Plus+ platform has dispensed with its collaborator Germán ‘Mono’ Burgos after “inappropriate comments about the player Lamine Yamal” that the former Argentine goalkeeper poured into a program on Wednesday afternoon, prior to the PSG-FC Barcelona Champions League match.

“Movistar Plus+ and Germán ‘El Mono’ Burgos will immediately stop collaborating on the platform’s programs and the presenters will be notified of the space where these comments occurred,” the network said in a statement.

The measure is taken “in compliance with the internal code of conduct of Movistar Plus+which contemplates a policy of zero tolerance with any discriminatory behavior,” the chain stated.

In this program, about some images of Yamal touching the ball in the warm-up, Germán Burgos commented: “If he doesn’t do well, he ends up at a traffic light.”

As a consequence of these words that they considered offensive, neither PSG nor FC Barcelona attended the Movistar Plus+ microphones after the match, which the Catalan team won 2-3.

The network and Burgos then apologized and the Argentine made public a statement early that Thursday in which he once again asked for forgiveness.

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