Former BG Göttingen Players Face Off in Bundesliga Match Against Telekom Baskets Bonn

Former BG Göttingen Players Face Off in Bundesliga Match Against Telekom Baskets Bonn
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    The BG Australian between the ex-BGers: Grant Anticevich (middle) uses the gap between Bonn’s Till Pape (left) and Harald Frey. Photo: Hubert Jelinek/gsd © Hubert Jelinek/gsd

    If there is a Bundesliga pairing that has a special aspect this season, it is this one.

    Göttingen – On Sunday (3:30 p.m.) the BG Göttingen will be guests at the Telekom Baskets Bonn, where three former BGers are under contract: trainer Roel Moors, Harald Frey and Till Pape. A very special constellation…

    …which was also expressed in the first leg, when Frey and Pape, who were highly valued by the BG fans, came back to the fan stand after the clear 101:77 Bonn victory in the S-Arena and applauded their former supporters – under the applause of the Göttingen fans.

    On Sunday, however, these sentimentalities will certainly not be in the foreground, but rather the tough Bundesliga business. And the Violets currently need more points than ever before in the fight against the impending relegation, after three Keller competitors recently won – except the BG itself. Coach Olivier Foucart’s team was unable to continue and confirm the good performance from the first half against Würzburg in the second half.

    So while the BG meets old friends with Frey and Pape in the Telekom Dome, last year’s Bonn player and current BGer Zach Ensminger will not see any former teammates again at his former place of work.

    The situation in Bonn

    The Baskets are currently seventh and therefore one place behind the direct playoff qualification – they would currently have to compete in the new “play-ins” against Oldenburg (tenth). After the runner-up title, all the players and coach Tuomas Iisalo were gone, and coach Moors had to recruit a completely new team. Among other things, with Pape and Frey, who was missing in the 66:80 defeat in Chemnitz.

    Internationally, the people of Bonn are doing well again. In the Champions League they are in the quarter-finals as defending champions and received a 62:90 defeat in the Athens suburb of Peristeri (Greece) on Wednesday with 13 points from Pape and two from Frey, who could only play ten minutes. Bonn won the CL first leg 89:78, game three for a place in the semi-finals will take place next Tuesday, April 16th. Pape said about the defeat in Athens that they had played “embarrassingly”, especially towards their own fans who had made the long journey.

    The situation at the BG

    It will probably remain with the two known failures. Osaro Jürgen Rich trained again after his shoulder injury, but, according to Foucart, was not able to take part in all the exercises. “His appearance in Bonn probably comes too early, he’s not at 100 percent yet,” says the Veilchen coach. Peter Hemschemeier is also not yet available after his ankle injury. In addition to Janis Jünemann, Nick Boakye is also expected to take part on Saturday, as the ASC does not have a game this weekend. He completed three of the five allowed BBL appearances. (haz/gsd-nh)

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