Floreval Park Launches 2024 Season with New Archery Battle Adventure

Archery Battle © Floreval

Floreval Park is starting its 2024 season with new features that will appeal to fans of outdoor sporting challenges.

Floreval is a treetop adventure park that diversifies with a multitude of nature sports activities: sports course, laser game in the forest, escape game from 5 years old, archery, mini-golf, playground suspended and educational farm.

Archery is reinventing itself

After Archery Fun, with several targets to hit in archery, the Floreval park adds a new adventure around this precision sport, the Archery Battle. Two groups are equipped with bows and arrows fitted with a foam tip to target opponents in complete safety and win strategic missions: take prisoners, capture the flag of the team opposite… The Adventure Park team Floreval has no shortage of ideas to propose a scenario adapted to each audience in this activity accessible from the age of 12.

Offers per pack

The park now offers activity packs at advantageous prices between 22 and 35 euros for the youngest and between 25 and 44 euros for those over 11 years old. There are also passes for the Boot Camp part (translation: training camp) at 59 euros per month and an annual tree climbing pass at 79 euros for ages 3 to 10 and 119 euros for adults and over. 11 years old. All these new offers are only available on the online ticket office www.aventure-floreval.fr.

The birthday offer evolves with a snack pack, private bungalow and an activity for a minimum of 6 people.

The park is putting in place a temporary offer: a spring promotion accessible only through online ticketing with a 20% discount for everyone every Wednesday between May 15 and June 26 on individual activities (excluding public holidays and school holidays).

Soon a store

In the coming weeks, the park plans to open a shop offering local products, games to take home and goodies bearing the park’s image.

• Such. : Website: www.aventure-floreval.fr

2024-04-17 17:18:16
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