Fiorentina-Viktoria Plzen 2-0: final result and highlights

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  • 117′

    Fiorentina regains possession and manages the final minutes. 9.18pm

  • 116′

    Barak picks up the ball but then makes a mistake, tries to build Viktoria Plzen. 9.17pm

  • 113′

    The match remains one-way: Fiorentina possession. 9.14pm

  • 110′

    Sottil (Fiorentina) tries with first intention, very high ball. 21:11

  • 108′

    GOAL! Fiorentina 2-0 Viktoria Plzen! Goal from captain Biraghi who, all alone in front of Jedlicka, scores the goal following an assist from Ikoné following the development of a counterattack!

    Look at the player profile Cristiano Biraghi21:14

  • 106′

    Here we go again!9.07pm

  • Fiorentina played well in the first 15 minutes of extra time, immediately finding the advantage with Nico Gonzalez, able to beat Jedlicka with a first-time left-footed shot from inside the area. Viktoria continues to suffer, we remember that there were also ten men for the red card to Cadu.08:02

  • 105’+2′

    The first extra half ends: Fiorentina ahead 1-0.21:04

  • 105′

    Last change for Viktoria Plzen: Mosquera in, Kopic out. 9.10pm

  • 105′

    Two minutes of injury time.9.03pm

  • 104′

    PALO FIORENTINA with Martinez Quarta who hits a good header! 9.02pm

  • 103′

    Sottil leads a Fiorentina counterattack and then serves Kouamé, Viktoria takes refuge in the corner. 9.00pm

  • 101′

    A change for Viktoria Plzen: Kalvach out, Dweh in.08:52

  • 100′

    The Italian team continues to push in search of the second goal. 8.57pm

  • 98′

    Fiorentina substitution: Nico Gonzalez comes out for Sottil.20:56

  • 97′

    Again Fiorentina: Faraoni tries from distance but the opposing goalkeeper blocks. 8.54pm

  • 94′

    Yellow card for Nico Gonzalez (Fiorentina).08:52

  • 92′

    GOAL! Fiorentina 1-0 Viktoria Plzen! Goal by Nico Gonzalez! The Viola team immediately started very strong and won a corner: they beat Biraghi who crossed inside, the ball then reaches the left-footed number 10 who first beats Jedlicka!

    Look at the player profile Nicolás González20:55

  • 91′

    Martinez Quarta (Fiorentina) kicks hard on goal, ball into corner.21:02

  • 91′

    Let’s begin! 8.49pm

  • The Franchi race is not unlocked. Viktoria never gets a shot on target, while Fiorentina fully controls the match and creates more chances but fails to score. The Viola team is also in numerical superiority, due to the expulsion of Cadu.08:01

  • It ends 0-0 in the 90th minute. We go to extra time. 8.43pm

  • 90’+5′

    Change for Viktoria: Cerv comes out for Traoré. 8.41pm

  • 90’+2′

    Fiorentina definitively crushes Viktoria in their own area, but struggles to find space. 8.38pm

  • 90′

    Fiorentina substitution: Mandragora comes out for Fourth Quarter.20:48

  • 90′

    Nico Gonzalez (Fiorentina) fits in well from the right, but misses the last pass. 8.36pm

  • 90′

    There will be six minutes of added time. 8.35pm

  • 88′

    Fiorentina double substitution: Belotti comes out for Ikoné and Dodô for Faraoni. 8.34pm

  • 85′

    Good ball in the area for Barak (Fiorentina), Viktoria is saved. 8.32pm

  • 84′

    Maxime Lopez widens for Dodô (Fiorentina) who then misses the cross. Ball on the bottom.8.30pm

  • 82′

    Attempt by Nico Gonzalez (Fiorentina) with a header, weak conclusion.20:28

  • 81′

    Ranieri (Fiorentina) tries, saves Jedlicka.20:27

  • 80′

    Last ten minutes of the match, plus injury time. In case of 0-0, we will go to extra time. 8.25pm

  • 78′

    Fiorentina Giroball.20:24

  • 75′

    Fiorentina substitution: Beltran comes out for Barak. 8.22pm

  • 74′

    Yellow card for Reznik (Viktoria Plzen). 8.24pm

  • 72′

    Fiorentina accelerates, trying to exploit their numerical superiority. 8.18pm

  • 70′

    Viktoria changes again: Chory gives way to Reznik.8.17pm

  • 68′

    Biraghi (Fiorentina) from a free kick, shot deflected onto the goal.20:14

  • 67′

    Red card for Cadu: high elbow against Dodô.20:13

  • 66′

    Fiorentina substitution: Arthur comes out for Maxime Lopez. 8.30pm

  • 66′

    CHECK AT VAR! Probable red for Cadu due to the foul on Dodô! 8.15pm

  • 65′

    Free kick from the edge in favor of Fiorentina: Dodô put down. 20:12

  • 64′

    Fiorentina again, crushing Viktoria Plzen in their own half. 8.10pm

  • 61′

    The home push continues. Pressing on the right lane by Fiorentina. 20:08

  • 59′

    Giroball by the hosts. 20:05

  • 56′

    First substitution for Viktoria Plzen: Vydra makes way for Kliment.20:02

  • 56′

    FIORENTINA CHANCE! Mandragora’s overhead kick: ball high over the crossbar! 8.02pm

  • 55′

    The match resumes, Gonzalez and Chory also return to the field. 8.01pm

  • 53′

    Game stopped: problems for Gonzalez (Fiorentina) and Chory (Viktoria).20:00

  • 52′

    Kouamé (Fiorentina) tries to make the most of a dirty pass forward, it sweeps the opposing defense.19:58

  • 49′

    Viktoria’s aggressive approach, they control Fiorentina well as they try to give quality to the maneuver. 7.55pm

  • 46′

    Here we go again!7.52pm

  • In this first half there were five shots on target by Fiorentina, 0 by Viktoria. As for the warnings, one for each side: for Ranieri and Chory. 19:39

  • The first half of the match between Fiorentina and Viktoria Plzen ends goalless. The Italiano team concedes practically nothing to their opponents, and gives the Franchi spectators an intense first half full of opportunities. The most sensational are Belotti’s post and Kouamé’s crossbar, but in injury time the goal-ball also lands at the feet of Nico Gonzalez, with the Czechs taking refuge in the corner and then averting the danger.19:38

  • 45’+3′

    End of the first half: 0-0.19:35

  • 45’+2′

    PURPLE AGAIN! Mandragora crossed from the left served by an excellent Ranieri and Nico Gonzalez arrived at the far post and shot. Deviation into a corner! 7.35pm

  • 45’+1′

    Header by Beltran (Fiorentina), ball out. 20:22

  • 45′

    CROSS FIORENTINA! Kouamé launched into the free area then the left-footed shot: full wood! 19:32

  • 45′

    Two minutes of injury time. 7.30pm

  • 42′

    Nico Gonzalez verticalizes wonderfully for Dodô (Fiorentina) who puts yet another cross in the middle, managing to distance the Viktoria rearguard this time too.19:29

  • 41′

    The last five minutes of the first half begin, waiting to understand the extent of the recovery. 7.27pm

  • 39′

    Fiorentina maneuver, Dodô cross: Jemelka away. 7.25pm

  • 37′

    Yellow cards for Ranieri (Fiorentina) and Chory (Viktoria Plzen). Sparks between the two.19:24

  • 34′

    Fiorentina pushes: Biraghi enters the area and attempts a shot, Viktoria blocks. 7.20pm

  • 33′

    Fiorentina still in possession. 7.19pm

  • 30′

    STILL A DOUBLE CHANCE FOR FIORENTINA! The home team phrases well and sends Kouamé to close range: a miracle from Jedlicka who is then helped by the post on a subsequent header from Belotti! 7.18pm

  • 28′

    The race resumes and Beltram also returns. 7.15pm

  • 27′

    Problems for Beltran (Fiorentina): game stopped. 8.22pm

  • 27′

    Fiorentina Giroball.19:13

  • 23′

    Long range conclusion by Nico Gonzalez (Fiorentina): saves Jedlicka.19:11

  • 21′

    Nothing on the developments of the Viola corner kick, Viktoria tries to restart, whose possession, however, lasts only a few seconds.19:08

  • 20′

    Fiorentina continues to attack and wins a corner.19:06

  • 18′

    Attempt by Beltran (Fiorentina) from the edge, interesting but weak diagonal.20:22

  • 17′

    Possess Viktoria Plzen, the Czechs try to push into the right lane. He controls the Tuscan team who then raises the ball long.19:04

  • 14′

    Soft cross into the area by Kalvach (Viktoria Plzen), the ball ends up directly on the goal.19:01

  • 13′

    Free kick from around 20 meters in favor of Viktoria.18:59

  • 10′

    Fiorentina did a great job at the start, regaining possession and starting the offensive maneuver. 6.56pm

  • 9′

    Viola restart, Kouamé misses the last pass and returns the ball to his opponents. 6.55pm

  • 6′

    DOUBLE PURPLE OPPORTUNITY! Kouamé goes away on the left and touches it inside for Belotti who slides and sends it towards goal, the opposing goalkeeper opposes. On the same play, it is Kouamé himself who becomes dangerous with his header, but here too Jedlicka is very good!18:54

  • 4′

    Another ball in the Viktoria area, Hranac doesn’t reach it. 18:51

  • 3′

    First corner for VIktoria Plzen: cross inside long, pushes Fiorentina away.18:49

  • 1′

    Off we go, beat Fiorentina! 6.46pm

  • Fiorentina is also unbeaten in this Conference League with 4 wins and 5 draws. But after failing to score in the first leg against Viktoria Plzen, the Tuscan team put an end to the club’s record streak of matches with at least one goal scored in the main European competitions (21 matches in a row).18:36

  • Including the preliminaries, Viktoria Plzen are unbeaten in 15 Conference League matches this season. By virtue of 11 wins and 4 draws, conceding only three goals.18:35

  • FORAZIONE VIKTORIA PLZEN (3-4-1-2): Jedlicka – Hranac, Hejda, Jemelka – Kopic, Cerv, Kalvach, Cadu – Sulc – Chory, Vydra.18:32

  • FIORENTINA LINEUP (4-2-3-1): Terracciano – Dodô, Milenkovic, Ranieri, Biraghi – Arthur, Mandragora – Nico Gonzalez, Beltran, Kouamé – Belotti.8.22pm

  • This evening, the Italian will have to deal with the last-minute absences of Bonaventura, due to ankle problems, and Nzola due to personal reasons. 6.17pm

  • After the 0-0 draw in Plzen, the Viola team is called to win to qualify for the Conference League semi-finals. Italiano’s team is fresh from a home draw against Genoa (1-1) in the last round of Serie A.18:16

  • Welcome to the live coverage of Fiorentina-Viktoria Plzen, the return match valid for the Conference League quarter-finals. 6.14pm

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