FC Bayern: Coman shock – Hamann’s delicate assumption when looking at the injury misery

The 47th minute in FC Bayern’s game against 1. FC Köln. Munich offensive player Kingsley Coman tried to get the ball under control in Cologne’s penalty area. He turned, grabbed his right thigh, and a moment later sank to the floor with his face contorted in pain. Everything happened without any influence from the enemy. After a short treatment on the pitch, the signal came from the medical department: substitution, continued play impossible. He was taken to the cabins with the support of two men. He couldn’t stand, his right leg dragged behind him. Coman was taken to the hospital before the final whistle.

A shocking moment for the beleaguered club, again. In recent weeks there have been repeated frowns in Munich because of the many injuries this season. Because the list is almost unbelievable: the stars of the German record champions have already suffered 23 muscle injuries. There are also 15 more failures. Now also Coman.

“Kingsley Coman will be missing from FC Bayern for several weeks,” Bayern wrote in a statement on Saturday evening. The Frenchman “suffered a muscle bundle injury in his right adductor. This was the result of an investigation by the medical department.” According to information from BILD, a break of five to six weeks is planned.

The next injury setback for Coman. He was out for a long time this season due to a torn muscle fiber and a torn medial ligament in his knee. The attacker only returned at the end of March and has since made brief appearances against Dortmund and Arsenal.

Bayern won the game 2-0 (0-0) even without him. But the injury misery had an impact. Expert Dietmar Hamann was asked by the moderator after the Bayern game in the Sky broadcast whether one could explain 24 muscle injuries in one season. No, he replied, he had said a few weeks ago “that something was wrong.” Either the team would “train too much, or they would train too little. My feeling is, and that’s what I hear, too: you don’t train enough.”

“It has something to do with spiritual freshness”

FC Bayern is the team “that, together with Darmstadt, runs the least and has the fewest intensive runs because they of course have 70 percent possession of the ball per game. You have to say that a Gnabry or Coman are of course susceptible to injuries – but 24 muscle injuries?” Bayern’s coach Tuchel, says Hamann, always stands up “and says: Yes, two are injured again. But that also has something to do with mental freshness and training, what you do – or what you don’t do.”

He made a cross-comparison with the designated champions Leverkusen. The team “played five or six games more than Bayern. But they’re all on board now. They probably didn’t have half the injuries as Bayern. That plays a role in the fact that the backlog is now so big.”

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Hamann made it clear that the injury problem was an issue “where Bayern have to question themselves when it comes to the medical department, the fitness trainers and the entire apparatus. There are trainers for everything these days. I don’t understand why you have so many people under contract and then have so many muscle injuries. Something’s not right there. Gnabry is out against Arsenal, Coman is out, Davies is suspended. If they give Arsenal as much space as they did against Cologne, then it will be tight.”

Tuchel himself did not want to comment on Hamann’s speculations when asked about the reason for the many injuries at FC Bayern. When the coach was asked about Hamann’s statements about the amount of training after the game against Cologne, Tuchel explained: “I can’t answer that. Of course Didi knows.”

Hamann has repeatedly had trouble with Tuchel and FC Bayern this season. After public criticism, Tuchel has already had public friction with the TV expert.

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In an interview with Sky, conducted parallel to Hamann’s statements, i.e. until then without knowledge of his criticism, Tuchel said that Coman’s recent injury was “a big downer”. In particular, his offensive department is thinning out even further, especially before the quarter-final second leg next Wednesday (9 p.m., in the WELT sports ticker) in the Champions League against Arsenal FC (first leg 2:2). Tuchel had not planned to play Leroy Sané for the home game against the relegation-threatened Rhinelander anyway because of his pubic bone problems.

Because Gnabry tore a muscle fiber in his left thigh in London on Tuesday, the situation in the Bayern squad is getting worse with the expected loss of Coman. “That makes me very sad,” said Tuchel, “I know how hard he worked. We got the result we needed and wanted. But now I have to find solutions for Wednesday. Let’s hope Leroy comes back. Because two key players, Serge and Kinsgley, are injured, which is serious, especially at this level.”

Research into the cause is already underway at FC Bayern

Just bad luck with injuries – or is there more to it? There should finally be answers as to where the many failures come from. That is the aim in Munich. Because so far Bayern are pretty much at a loss. Tuchel had already made his position in an interview with BILD on Friday. “I don’t know if there’s one reason for it. The fact is that it is simply too much and it accompanies us all year round. The questions are of course asked on many levels. We’re researching the causes, but we don’t have the answers yet. It’s clear that this has a massive impact.”

Tuchel was already frustrated in the conversation with BILD, i.e. before Coman’s injury: “It goes on throughout the whole season, it just doesn’t stop. The whole time you think we’re through the trough.”

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The coach was at a loss when asked why: “I think the stress isn’t the factor, I don’t see it being that high for us. The players are used to playing a lot,” he said: “Lawn – I don’t know either. The lawn is in good condition; hybrid lawns are now also commonplace. We have a large physio department with highly qualified doctors and physiotherapists and sports scientists. Everyone is super dissatisfied, but everyone is doing their best every day. Unfortunately I can only answer it inadequately.”

According to BILD, it is clear that everything at Bayern needs to be checked now so that the injury misery can at least be contained.


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