La Penna loves yellow too much, the Monza protests

La Penna has been a guarantee for some time now, among the referees most used in Serie A this season by Rocchi and chosen for Bologna-Monza. However, his last outing wasn’t the happiest, in Juventus-Fiorentina where he had some mistakes. Let’s see how she fared yesterday at the Dall’Ara.

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Who is the referee Federico La Penna of Roma 1

La Penna’s history with Bologna and Monza

With the Roman whistle there were two previous Brianza players, dated 2011-12 and 2013-14; one defeat and one draw, again with Avellino, between the Italian Cup and Lega Pro. There were 14 precedents between La Penna and Bologna with 3 rossoblù victories, 3 draws and 8 defeats

The referee booked eight players

Assisted by assistants Peretti and Cipriani with Ghersini IV man, Marini al Var and Guide to the Avar, the referee cautioned eight players: Orsolini (B), Akpa Akpro (M), Ferguson (B), Izzo (M), Beukema (B), Bondo (M), Birindelli (M), Ndoye (B)

Bologna-Monza, slow motion cases

These are the dubious episodes. At 19′ yellow for Akpa Akpro due to a hold on Ferguson. He was warned and he will be disqualified. In the 36th minute, Bologna general secretary Luca Befani was sent off for protests. It all starts from the nervousness of a yellow card shown to the Emilian captain Ferguson. In the 58th minute Ferguson the ball reaches out and crashes onto Birindelli who in the meantime had pushed him away: the Monza players ask for a red card, the contact is there but it is fortuitous. He perhaps got too many 8 warnings but overall La Penna didn’t make serious mistakes in Bologna-Monza.

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