“Europe is already a reality; there’s no need to celebrate because now we want the Champions League”

Tomorrow at the Metropolitano, Girona will have the challenge of breaking the streak of four consecutive defeats at home and continue making their way towards the goal of qualifying for the Champions League. A challenge, to be among the top four, which has become the only one for a Girona that, for Míchel, already has Europe secured. In fact, this day could be a mathematical classification for the European competition “Europe is already a reality. There is no need to celebrate it. We should celebrate many things: to have surpassed 53 points, to be in the top ten… Now we only think about the Champions”. For Saturday’s game, Girona will have the doubt until the last minute of Viktor Tsygankov with calf problems, while David López and YAngel Herrera are in optimal conditions. Iván Martín, suspended, will not be there, but Toni Villa will enter the call-up almost a year after being seriously injured.


“Atlético is one of the best home teams. They have drawn with Getafe and only lost to Barça. Yesterday against Borussia they scored a goal. It will be a very complicated game, but we are doing things very well and we have the feeling that we can play a good game and be able to win.


“It is a reality of Girona’s great project. For me it is something spectacular. Europe is already a reality and now the dream is to enter the Champions League and I hope to achieve it at the end of the season. I arrived three years ago and to be in Europe in “next year is an incredible milestone. It’s a reflection of the things well done at the club”


“There is no need to celebrate that we are in Europe, because this year we should celebrate many things. The 53 points, tenth position and I don’t like to celebrate so many things. Now only the Champions. Europe is over, it has happened”


“I said 71 or 72 based on past statistics and maybe I’m short. It will be more at the bottom. It’s a very nice challenge and better to be in an expensive Champions than a cheap one. More reason to keep fighting to be there. With three or four games, we can be there.”


“Atlético played very well yesterday and is used to playing every three days and has a very top squad. They can change the three central players compared to Wednesday. They have Savic, Hermoso and Paulista, who did not play. However, I think that we are an equal and that our best version is not easy to counter. I congratulate Athletic and they deserve what has happened to them. We will see if they are going to fight for Champions, I would say yes because of the coach they have “.


“Atlético is for the Champions League yes, for winning the League, no. We have been able to be in a fight where no one expected us on our own merits.”

2024-04-11 11:43:26
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