Endesa and Basketball: A Union Beyond Commercial Agreement

Nowadays basketball is not understood without Endesa nor Endesa without basketball“, deca Jose BogasCEO of Endesa in the presentation of the agreement that will maintain the union between the energy company with the ACB and the Spanish Basketball Federation. The agreement will be for three more years that will join the almost 14 years of happy marriage that they have had, “there are much shorter relationships,” he said. Antonio Martinpresident of the ACB.

A Jose Bogas He was not without reason. For more than a decade, Spanish basketball has Endesa as its preferred partner, which has become the brand of this sport. This is the agreement staged at the Endesa headquarters It is a three-way success that has to be understood as something that goes far beyond a mere commercial agreement.. Even beyond basketball itself. It is not easy in sport or in many other areas of life to find support agreements as loyal and strong as this one. For this reason, Endesa has created the slogan: “Being a team is always being“, which summarizes the more than 13 years of relationship, now extended for three more years. And what they have left.

The agreement includes that the company continue giving name to the Endesa League and the Endesa Super Cupin addition to continuing as a sponsor of the Copa del Rey. Also continue with the name in competitions such as the Endesa Women’s League, the LF Endesa Super Cup and the LF Endesa Queen’s Cup and continue as a sponsoring partner of the Spanish Basketball Team male and female in all categories. There is also no lack of support for training sports, through the Endesa Mini Cup and the Endesa Women’s Mini Cup.

Antonio Martin thanked everything that Endesa has been doing for Spanish basketball all these years: “When things are going well it is easy to be together, but Endesa has shown that in the worst moments the support response was immediate. And if that hadn’t been the case, I don’t know what would have happened with the departure of the ACB. It is not easy to maintain the support we have felt from Endesa for so many years and in such a loyal way. We hope to be able to live up to it so that basketball can give back to Endesa everything it has done for it.“.

The president of the FEB was also at the event, Elisa Aguilarwhich analyzed what the relationship with Endesa has been like: “We show not only a will for unity, but also the alignment of wills that is behind our successes in recent years.. Endesa has become the home of basketball in its own right with the push of an economic investment without which it is impossible to understand ourselves; but above all, with unconditional support that goes beyond numbers.”

In what ended up being a tribute to Spanish basketball and the successes it has achieved in all this time, Antonio Martín added value to the agreement: “With this renewal it will be 16 years of being our partner. “We can only say thank you on behalf of all the clubs, for their trust, for their closeness in difficult moments and for continuing to accompany us on this journey.”

A journey that began in 2011 with the signing of the first agreement and that now extends to continue supporting basketball. José Bogas put an end to an act with much more value than what is seen at first glance: “FEB and ACB are the best travel companions we can imagine. Thank you for your commitment and for your courage. And thanks also to the entire ecosystem that makes up basketball, beyond ACB and FEB: clubs, players, referees, technical teams, media and, of course, the fans, our basketball lovers. In short, thanks to basketball for giving us such good moments.”

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