Discover the Surprising Benefits of Badminton for Over 50s: A Complete Physical Activity!

Badminton is often relegated to the status of a simple summer pastime. But it turns out to be much more than a game of rackets! For those over 50 looking for a complete and stimulating physical activity, badminton offers a range of benefits for body health and physical fitness. We dive into the unsuspected benefits of this sport which combines entertainment and efficiency. The result ? A active lifestyle and dynamic after 50 years!

Why is badminton an effective way to achieve fitness?

Following the law promulgated on March 2, 2022, doctors now have the possibility of directing their patients towards the practice of physical and sporting activity for the purposes of well-being and health. It is therefore possible to be prescribed the practice of badminton with the aim of regaining optimal physical condition or maintain overall health. And for good reason ! This sport offers a unique combination of cardiovascular activity, agility, reflexes and muscle strengthening. One of its biggest advantages is its practicability: you can play almost anywhere, whether in your garden, in a gym or even on vacation on the beach. Besides, you don’t need sophisticated equipment, just a pair of comfortable shoes and a racket and presto we’re ready to play!

What are the benefits of badminton?

  • It helps burn calories

For those who have difficulty motivating themselves to exercise, badminton is THE ideal solution. Especially if you want to lose weight and eliminate fat! According to the IRBMS (Research Institute of Well-being, Medicine and Sports Health), an hour of badminton can burn up to 500 calorieswhich makes it an activity as effective as running or cycling, but with much more fun!

  • It ensures muscle strengthening and a certain flexibility

Badminton uses a wide variety of muscles in the body, particularly the muscles of the legs (including the thighs and calves), arms (including the biceps and triceps), back and core. Without forgetting the gluteal muscles which also become firmer thanks to the effort! It’s obvious that quick movements and constant changes of direction help strengthen muscles. What if we want some more good news? We should know that the aspect of constant stretching during play promotes flexibility and the joint mobility, which is particularly beneficial when you are over 50. And moreover, in addition to promoting flexibility, it offers the possibility of increasing its reactivity and perfecting its synchronization of movements. Not bad is not it ?

  • It improves cardiovascular health

Like any cardio activity, badminton helps strengthen the heart and the lungs. The game involves fast moving, intense exchanges and occasional sprints to reach the steering wheel, which increases our heart rate and strengthens our endurance (by improving our aerobic capacity). And we know it! Better cardiovascular health translates into a reduced risk of heart disease, high blood pressure and other heart-related health problems. So let’s go for it!

Badminton, an accessible and versatile option

What makes badminton so appealing is that it is suitable for all fitness levels. Whether you are an absolute beginner or an experienced player, you can have fun and enjoy the many health benefits that this sport offers. Additionally, playing badminton in a group can boost our motivation and encourage us to rester active, even after 50 years! And as the French Badminton Federation says, “combining the pleasure of playing badminton with regular practice is an excellent way to maintain your health”. Who is ready to jump into a game of badminton today?

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