Top-selling NBA teams for the 2023-2024 season: Lakers, Warriors, Celtics remain on top; Spurs rise with Wembanyama

NBA – The ranking of the teams that sold the most jerseys for the 2023-2024 season is out. The Los Angeles Lakers, Golden State Warriors and Boston Celtics make up the podium, the same as last year. Victor Wembanyama propels the San Antonio Spurs into the top 10.

Number 1 in jerseys: Los Angeles Lakers

Every year, the NBA posts the figures for the franchises that sell the most jerseys during the regular season. A ranking that echoes the popularity of the league’s few superstars. This season, Victor Wembanyama freshly arrived at San Antonio Spurs, shakes up the counters despite the catastrophic season of his franchise. Thanks to his 4th place among players who sell the most jerseys, the Frenchie propels the Spurs in 9th place in the top franchises that sell the most. THE Spurs will have taken the place of Brooklyn Nets which are out of the top 10 that they closed last season.

This season the Boston Celtics took second place in the rankings Golden State Warriors. The XXL season of Celtics probably has something to do with it. THE Milwaukee Bucks and the Chicago Bullsrespectively 4th and 5th, grab one more place compared to last year, due to the fall in Phoenix Suns up four places to land in 8th position this season. THE Denver Nuggets make their appearance in the top 10. However champions NBA last year, they were absent from the ranking.

To see how far Victor Wembanyama will be able to take the Spurs next season, because one thing seems certain, as long as he is at home, the San Antonio Spurs are guaranteed to remain in the ranking of franchises that sell the most jerseys.

When Victor Wembanyama stopped Drake

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