Death of the footballer Mattia Giani, the sports judge: “The first ambulance at the Campi stadium arrived after 17 minutes”

Venice, 18 April. (Adnkronos) – “Ifis has entered the world of art with contemporary sculpture, in particular with our International Sculpture Park collection, which I invite you to visit, consisting of 22 hectares of iconic sculptures on the international scene. We are present in Venice with ‘Banksy House’, as I call it, with Banksy’s migrant child. The message that this artist wants to convey with this work is the protection of the universal rights of man and children, therefore, starting from the UN Charter. of 1948, Banksy asks contemporary society, in this case Europe, to be the vehicle to raise and talk about this theme”. Thus Ernesto Fürstenberg Fassio, president of Banca Ifis, on the sidelines of the presentation of ‘Ifis Art’, at Venice Art Biennale.

The project desired and conceived by the president himself brings together all the initiatives carried out by the Bank for the valorisation of art, culture, contemporary creativity and their values: from the art collection to the International Sculpture Park, from the recovery project of the the work of Banksy and the restoration of the Palazzo San Pantalon which hosts it, from the Economy of Beauty to the support of artistic and cultural events, from education programs to editorial products. “We will intervene on this in a joint project with Genesi, a very important art project for the protection of human rights, led by Letizia Moratti. We will bring an interaction between this work and the themes that Genesi wants to protect – explains the president of Banca Ifis – It is an important message: it is no coincidence that Banksy chose Venice to leave this message on this building. Venice is an international city, it is a city that has a very virtuous economy, it has a series of problems also due to urban planning, the management of the city, but Ifis is with Venice and we will support many initiatives here”.

Ifis art is divided into a series of initiatives, starting from the important art collection that the Bank has acquired over time, consisting of over 100 works by 50 artists, ranging from classical to contemporary art. Some of the most important works in the collection have found their natural home in the International Sculpture Park of Banca Ifis, a project curated by Giulia Abate and Cesare Biasini Selvaggi, within the 22 hectares of garden of Villa Fürstenberg, in Mestre. Starting from April 28, 2024, therefore, the park will be open to the public and can be visited for free every Sunday (excluding holidays), upon reservation via the dedicated “Ifis art” app. The Park will be full of initiatives, inaugurating the Public Program of the Italian Pavilion at the 2024 Venice Art Biennale.

The president then goes over the value of the synergy between public and private: “The public does a lot. Italy is a country that respects the rights of all in healthcare, education and justice. We often look at public spending and think it is excessive, but we must also look at the protection of the rights that our country is able to provide. Mario Draghi, when he called private-public collaboration, in which he recalled that synergy starts from the public and with it also the projects, but not all projects can be financed by the public. In this case – he continues – we as a private bank for 51%, but also of the market for the remaining 49%, have joined this type of methodology and try to support the public through the Ministry of Culture, Tourism, with Coni and also through initiatives with President Malagò for sports bags for junior athletes – the president illustrated -. Our intent is to redistribute part of our profit also in projects that can support the country and its economy”.

Fürstenberg Fassio then also makes a reference to ‘Venezia Bond’: “This type of financial instrument that we are studying will be able to intervene in the Venetian economy and craftsmanship and support small companies and artisans who after the pandemic, with inflation at interest rates, have had a contraction of their economies. There is often unfair competition within these markets, because Made in Italy is an excellent product that competes internationally, maintaining a higher price than international prices. But let’s remember that Made in Italy is copied, so it must be protected so that it can be put on the market and sold with the right tools. In this regard, Ifis, as a bank, which has its registered office in the Municipality of Venice, also has a responsibility towards the Venetian economy. So, on the one hand we support culture and on the other we must support companies through credit and financial instruments that can bring investors to Venice and therefore money to invest,” he concluded.

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