Čvančara: The national team is not a topic for me now. I need to get in shape

Mönchengladbach (from our reporter) – He revived Saturday’s duel after coming off the bench. He was full of activity, he even got into two promising opportunities in the set time. But none of them ended with a goal and his team left the game without a point gain. “Hopefully luck will turn around in a while,” hopes Čvančara.

You had the first promising opportunity after an individual escape, but you only hit goalkeeper Gregor Kobel. Could this situation have been solved differently?

I was running towards the goal from the side, so it probably wanted to shoot up. But I was very close. The keeper reduced my angle well, so there wasn’t much more to do.

Moments later you had an equaliser, but you aimed a bit over.

I wanted to stuff it under the crossbar. But I practically couldn’t see the ball past the defending Süle, so it wasn’t easy. Unfortunately, it didn’t fall there. On the other hand, I’m coming back after a long injury, so I hope that luck will turn around soon.

You have been struggling with health problems since the beginning of the year. Was it just a bent ankle everywhere?

Yes, it was. When you came back from vacation, I immediately injured my ankle. We put him in the pile, but we probably rushed the return a little. Then I tore my ligaments in it.

Nothing bothers you now?

I’ve been out for quite a while, so I get a little relief from the coach every now and then. But I don’t feel any pain in matches, it doesn’t limit me in any way. I am 100% prepared every time.

Do you also feel good about the game?

It is starting to settle, which is very important. Even now, it was a good performance from my side, if we don’t take the result into account. I’m glad it’s on the rise. I hope that I will get something in there soon and it will get better and better.

The season is coming to an end. Do you have any other personal goals?

Mainly one, to stay healthy. And of course I would like to score a goal.

Is the sight of the Euro not appealing to you? Did the national team coach Ivan Hašek talk to you?

He called me, I was in contact with him. I am of course happy that we made it to the Euros. Advancing was our main goal and we managed to achieve it. But representation is not an issue for me at the moment. First I have to get in shape here in Mönchengladbach. Then other things can follow.

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