Borussia stays on Thuram & Plea: Gladbach threatens French GAU – Bundesliga

In his inaugural speech, new coach Daniel Farke (45) had a clear message ready for his new boss, manager Roland Virkus (55): “Now of course we also need a good transfer summer…” But if you ask Virkus these days whether the first transfers are finally imminent, he politely answers: “No, no news yet.” Allegedly, VfL […]

Jonas Hofmann at the DFB: Currently the most important German attacker – sport

Jonas Hofmann started from the depths, received the through pass at the right moment, then ran a few meters towards the goal and pushed the ball past Péter Gulacsi to make it 2-1 into the top corner. That’s what happened on May 2 when Borussia Mönchengladbach defeated RB Leipzig in the Bundesliga under home floodlights, […]

Borussia Mönchengladbach: Daniel Farke has to clean up tough! – Bundesliga

So then not Favre, but Farke. Sounds similar, but it’s a complete alternative – which makes my Gladbach team’s search for a trainer look a bit surprising… Did you now want a nerdy tinkerer who prepares games perfectly, but isn’t exactly the great talker and people-catcher? Or just this cool guy Farke, who comes across […]

Schalke fans insult new coach Kramer – club calls for fairness – Bundesliga

It has been clear since Tuesday: Frank Kramer is the new Schalke coach. Apparently not all fans like that. Many followers vented themselves on social media, some with very negative personal comments. Schalke board member Peter Knäbel has condemned the severe criticism and called on the fans to be fair: “In my opinion, personal hostilities […]

Schalke 04 and Borussia Mönchengladbach: Small names for big clubs – Bundesliga

The week-long search for a trainer at Schalke and in Gladbach is over! ► According to information from BILD and SPORT BILD, the climber from Gelsenkirchen surprisingly brings ex-Bielefeld coach Frank Kramer (50). It will be officially presented on Tuesday. ► Gladbach has signed Daniel Farke (45/contract until 2025) to succeed Adi Hütter (52). Small […]

New coach Daniel Farke introduced

SDaniel Farke mastered his first appearance on the big Bundesliga stage with a permanent smile and great quick wit. As soon as he was introduced as the new head coach of Borussia Mönchengladbach, he cultivated his reputation as a people-catcher. “This club has an amazing tradition with legendary coaches and players. It’s an honor and […]