Community Events: Judo Gathering and Short-Notice Theater Performance

For the first Sunday of spring, at the initiative of qualified facilitator Pascal Jeanson, a departmental judo gathering took place in the sports hall. 150 participants from the mini-chicks category to the juniors and the youngest took part in the meetings, coming from around ten clubs in the department. All participants receive a reward at the end of the fights, (randoris) of less than two minutes. Precision, speed and general coordination are not the least of the qualities necessary to practice this widely taught sport. Locally, Pascal Jeanson has been passing on his skills and passion for several decades within the MJC on Tuesdays and Thursdays of each week. Over the period, persevering elements reached the highest peak by obtaining the black belt!

Theater at short notice

In several well-adapted sketches, the Au pied leva troupe, which renews each year the fruit of its preparation and development work, performed in the Rachel Biau room in one evening for the benefit of Secours Catholique. Entertainment guaranteed with the Hollywood vamps who, returning from the United States, let themselves be taken on the suitcase disembarkation belt, to the tune of “Anise Lollipops”.

There was then talk of vespasians. From the roof of the world to the deepest sea trenches, the skeptic prevailed. Just like the misunderstanding during the dispute between the mayor inert in front of the potholes, not laying them.

The Occitan skit around Francou and the “bicicletto” had its hilarious equivalent when the great Jacquot was looking for a soul mate.

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