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The last two champions of the Champions League meet for the third consecutive year. The one who passed the eliminatory won the title, leaving evidence that they are the main favorites to repeat the script. There are no secrets between Real Madrid and Manchester City, they know each other thoroughly like Ancelotti and Guardiola, two old acquaintances who have left their mark wherever they have passed. Now they once again measure their boards and strategies in an open tie.


Ancelotti has had nine days to prepare for the double confrontation in which Guardiola has played two games. The Italian warned that Against City they will need to play “with more intensity” remembering what happened a year ago, in which they fell with a crash in the second leg (0-4). That’s why, has worked on the physical aspect during these days, and be prepared for the high rhythm that the English print to your game. A match that will last 180 minutes between two teams that are becoming stronger in their respective stadiums.


The pressure will be important, both executing it and saving it. Ancelotti knows that the dangers arise from losses in the release of the ball and he has to ensure both aspects. The long ball resource is a valid option with Vinicius and Rodrygo up front. When it comes time to press, you will have to do it in stages. so as not to leave spaces where citizens can sneak in. If Guardiola has one thing in measure, it is the mobility of his pawns, who always find a free teammate to lean on.

Carvajal speaks with Ancelotti / Efe


Both teams move around the ball. The great individualities they have allow them a high passing quality, that makes it difficult to take the ball away from them so it is expected that alternate control of the game. Defending with possession of the ball is one of the hallmarks of both teams, They take advantage of it to rest and start their attacks based on combinations between lines or entering through the wings. Changes of orientation are a useful resource to surprise or to vent the game, something that both teams also handle diligently.

Ancelotti talks with Kroos, his game director / Efe


Madrid has to bet on direct play and the counterattack. City is a well-organized team that moves as a block. The way to surprising him is by giving rhythm to the game, being direct and coming out on the counterattackbut let the ball run and look for the players in a staggered manner to reach the opposing area as soon as possible and with an advantage.

The speed of Vinícius and Rodrygo, a danger for City / Efe


This premise that Ancelotti insists on the mostthat the lines are always together and that they move in an accordion in the fold or transitions. It is a team effort and in the League they are fulfilling it as demonstrated by being the team with the fewest goals scored. The sacrifice without the ball has to be general and even more so against a rival that each movement has a purpose. Madrid feels comfortable when it closes the roads to its area en blocto steal and counterattack, but suffers when the pressure is not coordinated leaving too many open spaces.

Rudiger and Tchoaumeni, two key players in defense / Efe


Another issue is the set-piece strategy. They have precise players in hitting and height to take advantage of their millimeter services. Maximum concentration in each play and, also, in avoid comfort in the last pass where City is a team trained to always find a teammate with an advantage. Comparatively, Madrid is weak and not because it lacks precision, but because it disrupts the great flow of offensive play that it usually builds.


Finally, in addition to the wisdom of both coachesthe whites must monitor specific players, those who set the tone of the citizen game. A year ago, Rudiger signed Haaland, but the team couldn’t handle Rodri or De Bruynein addition to being surpassed by the gangs. There are certain players against whom you cannot lose concentration and Rudiger was an example of how the rest should respond to players like the Belgian, the Spanish, Bernardo Silva or Foden himselfwho arrives plugged into the game.

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