Bradley Beal: The Missing Piece in the Phoenix Suns’ Playoff Puzzle

Among the many contending teams in the Western Conference, there is a chapter for the usual suspects. Those great templates, by names and shape, that perhaps do not decide everything they should and about which there is a deep shadow of doubt. The Phoenix Suns They are one of them. Few doubt the performance of Kevin Durant and Devin Booker, their two leaders, but overall those from Arizona do not appear on pole to enter the finals. They are seventh (48-33) in the absence of a game… but his mood and spirit seems to be different. Of those who anticipate a war that they see themselves winning. Because after many doubts arises its third piece: Bradley Beal. The missing piece.

The Suns survived a momentous game against the Sacramento Kings (107-108) in Golden 1 Californian and Beal slammed the table hard. Vital in the last quarter as an enforcer and when the Kings made a move, Beal multiplied himself in the last defense of the game. Sacramento took the throw-in for the last possession and before the ball reached De’Aaron Fox, Beal put his hand in. His shout into the air and arms raised was a sign of triumph.

Beal, with the ball in his hand.

Beal returned to that level that everyone was asking for. That of being the third star and stronghold at all levels. His average of 24.5 points in the last four games shows that he has arrived, precisely, for the Playoffs. Against the Kings20 points (9/13 TC), 9 rebounds and 4 assists to accompany the two performers, Booker (21+6) and Durant (28). They needed him.

I want that ring, it’s time

Bradley Beal

Because the Suns are in a strange position. One win away from the Pelicans and being seeded sixth… but being able to meet the champions and favorites Nuggets in the first round. Or go to the Play-In, which for the moment would face the Lakers, but which perhaps has a more friendly match in the first round of the post-season. “Is the time. It’s Playoff time. I have sky-high expectations. I’m ready. I want that ring. “It’s time,” claims Beal.

Your heart is a very important factor for this organization.

Frank Vogel

For his influence, represented by 12 points in the last quarter or two key steals of the ball. And that hunger that his colleagues also see. “He’s a beast, man,” says Jusuf Nurkic. And his coach, Frank Vogel, who must ask for more so that Phoenix finishes arriving on time. “Your heart is a very important factor for this organization. You see him with the passion with which he is playing,” he said.

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