Boyacá Chicó Defeats Atlético Bucaramanga 3-2 in BetPlay League Match: Match Recap and Player Lineups

To finish date 17 of the BetPlay League 2024-1, Atlético Bucaramanga received Boyacá Chicó at the Alfonso López stadium from the capital of Santander, starting at 8:10 at night.

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According to Dimayor, the central judge and the VAR referee for the clash between ‘leopard’ and ‘chess’ will be Steven Camargo from Cundinamarca and Luis Picón, respectively.

Development of Bucaramanga 2-3 Boyacá Chicó

When the game clock marked the first minute of play, midfielder Fabián Sambueza sparked the resistance of goalkeeper Éder Orejuela, from Boyacá Chicó, by taking a very strong shot that did not find the necessary direction to become a goal.

Subsequently, Bucaramanga caused fear in two consecutive plays near the ‘chess’ goalkeeper, which was fundamental in stopping Joider Micolta’s shot at minute 15; Seconds later, Kevin Cuesta hit the horizontal post with a header.

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And the ‘leopard’ team insisted so much to overcome the resistance of Boyacá Chicó until they were able to break the silence on the scoreboard, being a Fabry Castro’s powerful shot, which goalkeeper Orejuela could not clear and scored the first goal of the duel.

The visitor’s response came until the 29th minute through striker Michael Nike Gómez, who took a violent shot that managed to be slightly deflected by goalkeeper Luis Vásquez.

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At the end of the first half, a cross from Aldair Gutiérrez found Micolta free, who headed hard to the ground, but saw his goal cut short again by the Beautiful ‘feline’ reaction from the Boyacá Chicó goalkeeper.

And Orejuela’s save was so influential that at the end of the first half it was Ángelo Peña who changed a foul at the edge of the area for equality on the scoreboard, by taking the direct free kick.

Nearing the end of the match, Bucaramanga did not know how to correctly clear a ball from its own area and it was central defender Juan Arce who knew how to take advantage to turn the score around in favor of Boyacá Chicó.

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The final thrust was placed Sebastián Colón, forward who was hand in hand with goalkeeper Vásquezknowing how to define to score the third goal in favor of the visit.

In stoppage time, Juan Castaño committed a penalty on Carlos Romaña; The person in charge of kicking the maximum penalty was Fredy Hinestroza, who changed an infraction for a goal.

With the victory as a visitor, Boyacá Chicó adds 18 units and is located in box 15 of the standings; Atlético Bucaramanga remains at the top of the championship with 32 points and added its third defeat in the semester.


Headline payroll of Bucaramanga for date 17 against Boyacá Chicó – Press

Headline payroll of Boyacá Chicó for date 17 against Bucaramanga – Press

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