Boca paid too dearly for Chiquito Romero’s mistake and was left empty-handed against Estudiantes, who already feel they are in the playoffs

A gross mistake, a blooper. That was what had to happen for Students y Boca get out of the 0-0 that seemed inevitable and that served them both. And the error appeared: Sergio Romerothe goalkeeper whose contract renewal is in doubt, could not contain a simple header from Javier Correa and unleashed the madness of the thousands of fans who filled UNO despite the rain. With the victory, Pincha entered the top four and a draw against Lanús will be enough to qualify for the quarterfinals. Boca, for its part, will enter the playoff if it beats Godoy Cruz in La Bombonera, but it will depend on several results if it draws.

Absolutely nothing happened in the first half. TAnto Students like Boca wanted more not to lose than to win and time was consumed without emotions. The point distributed left them both alive and depending on each other on the final date on Tuesday: those led by Diego Martínez against Godoy Cruz in La Bombonera, those led by Eduardo Domínguez against Lanús as a visitor.

He non-aggression pact It did not break down in that lackluster initial stage and Boca’s defenders passed the ball between themselves without any offensive intention. The Estudiantes footballers looked on, who did not even get activated by the whistles and push of their fans from the stands.

Boca could not pronounce its obvious improvement. Or maybe we should say she didn’t want to. Because the visitor did not seek to attack the goal defended by Matías Mansilla. The coach opted for his gala midfield, with the Fernández in the center and Zenón and Medina starting a few meters further forward. But the Estudiantes midfielders were jealous to deny the filtered pass and that is why neither Cavani nor Langoni were assisted.

Everything was monotonous and boring. The most spicy thing happened at the end, when Fernando Zuqui crossed paths with Marco Rojo and the Pincha supporters insulted the defender who emerged from the La Plata institution’s youth academy. The limited first half ended with the smiling image of referee Fernando Echenique offering the cards to Cristian Lema so that he could direct.

The plugin started a little more briskly, with Students with a little more ambition. Boca worried with two shots from Kevin Zenón and Guido Carrillo responded with a right-footed shot that went near Romero’s right post.

People kept pushing the team. Domínguez made two decisive changes: Correa for Sosa and Pablo Piatti for Zuqui. They would be the protagonists of the local team in the goal: the attacker headed a corner from the left-handed midfielder at the apex of the six-yard box. In any case, nothing would have happened without the stellar performance of Sergio Romero: the ball slipped out of his hands and went into the goal.

Chiquito’s mistake is inappropriate because it left Boca out of the classifieds. Furthermore, the failure occurs in a week in which Rumor circulated of a possible departure to Inter Miami. There was also talk of differences with the leadership regarding the renewal of the bond that expires in December. “I am lucky that my daughters adapted very well to Argentina, it was not difficult for them to return to the country at all. If the family decides, we will stay in Boca”he warned in advance.

Boca had no time left to equalize because the 32 minutes that the second stage lasted (the same as the first) were consumed quickly. He endured Estudiantes and celebrated; Days of worry and work are coming to Boca.

Anything can happen on the last date in Zone B: there are 6 teams with a chance to win 3 tickets. Oblivious to everyone, Godoy Cruz looks, the only one classified…

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