Belgrano’s Victory Dashed in Ecuador: Delfín Ties Game in Copa Sudamericana

Belgrano’s Victory Dashed in Ecuador: Delfín Ties Game in Copa Sudamericana

Belgrano was on track to win in Ecuador. The game seemed under control, having been won since the end of the first half, but Delfín tied it 1-1 in the 46th minute of the second half through Elordi, with the help of Losada, on the second day of the Copa Sudamericana.

In Group C, Delfín was the leader with four points, while Celeste and Inter from Brazil follow with two points. Real Tomayapo closes with one. The Bolivian team is Belgrano’s next rival, on April 24 at 9:30 p.m., in Santa Cruz de la Sierra.

At 41 minutes, Franco Jara, with an exquisite definition, put the Pirate ahead.

The Belgrano party

The local team put pressure at the beginning, throwing balls into the Belgrano area and before four minutes they generated Losada’s first scramble. The “B” held on and tried to find the ball to start creating. The first approach came with a header from Jara that went wide.

Matías Caco García had a hard time catching the ball in the match that Belgrano plays in Ecuador with Delfín for the Copa Sudamericana. (@Sudamericana)

At 20 minutes, Gariglio kicked from 45 meters and demanded a new stretch from Losada to save the sky blue goal. The Ecuadorian team insisted again and again, creating danger against Belgrano without grabbing the ball.

After 30 minutes, the Real team slowed down the local team’s pace, although without generating danger in the rival area. At 41 minutes, Bryan Reyna put together the play from the left, threw the ball, Juan Barinaga brought it down to the heart of the area for Jara’s definition.

In the complement, in a minute and a half, Belgrano put together a passing play, and González Metilli defined it poorly. About five minutes in, Jara tried from outside the area and his shot went wide.

Celeste looked more confident, advanced on the field and creating approaches against Delfín’s defense.

The best of Belgrano came from the feet of Bryan Reyna. The Peruvian, with his skill and speed, generated imbalance and every time he stepped into the area, he created danger in front of Heras’ goal.

The local team, with more push with football, returned to the Losada area, against a sheltered Belgrano. And in the final minutes he demanded Losada.

In the last play, Belgrano’s goalkeeper hesitated in Elordi’s center shot, which marked Delfín’s tie.

The formation of Delfín and the formation of Belgrano

The results of the Copa Sudamericana

The positions of the Copa Sudamericana

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