Baseball Godo and Nettuno 1945 Shine in First Launch with Special Guest President Bonaccini

The first launch of the President of the Emilia-Romagna Region Stefano Bonaccini in Godo

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In group D, Nettuno 1945, Baseball Godo and Fiorentina start well as predicted, scoring two braces against Padule, Athletics Bologna and Lions Dolphins respectively. More complicated was that of Nettuno 1945, who after easily winning the match 9-3, grabbed the evening match by the skin of their teeth. In the eighth, in fact, two hits, a hit by Barbona and a double by Ambrosino for the overtaking, then in the ninth eliminated by Medina who was scoring the point of the possible 6-6. Baseball Godo also did well, with a double (8-3, 5-1) against Athletics Bologna. Manager Iday Abreu’s entire roster is highlighted, with special notes of merit for the starting pitchers. Both Galeotti in the afternoon and Campos in the evening (the race started late after a downpour) in fact left only crumbs in the Emilian garage. The rest was taken care of by a rossoblù attack that was all at good levels (only homers by Davide Meriggi, as well as by the guest Montanari) but which will have to be evaluated in more demanding contexts. The day of the Casadio diamond started off in style with the inaugural launch carried out by the president of the Emilia-Romagna Region Stefano Bonaccini, who kept his promise with the president of Godese Naldoni after the flood a year ago, with the mayors of Russi and Ravenna also present , Palli and De Pascale.

On Sunday, Fiorentina and Lions Dolphins completed the group, with the Tuscans joining Godo and Nettuno 1945 at the top. Easy victory (7-2) for the Tuscans in the morning with Martinez Holguin dominant on the mountain and the Cialli-Gomez pair in evidence in the box, in match two Fiorentina resolves in the fifth with the decisive shot of 5-1, placed after being reached. Valids from Cassini, Cialli, double from Scull and seal from Gomez for the break which resolves. It ends 7-1 for the hosts.

Sandro Camerani, a professional since 1994, has collaborated with Repubblica and Messaggero and currently with Gazzetta dello sport and Corriere Romagna. His love for baseball blossomed during one of his 17 trips to the USA and he has already visited 18 different MLB ballparks. He has written two books (America on the road and Fortitudo basketball, a third is forthcoming)

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