ASD ‘Locomotive’ Archers of Valle Oracola: Dominating the Podium at National Archery Events

The ASD “locomotive” is unstoppable Archers of Valle Oracola of Rieti who is taking podium after podium at every national archery event.

Without fears our athletes competed against numerous and fierce teams from different regions of central Italy, achieving the following results:

San Venanzo (TR) 03/24/2024 volcanological park:

  • D’Annibale Claudio 2nd place Olympic arch;
  • Della Valle Tania 3rd place bare bow.

Assisi (PG) 07/04/2024:

  • Della Valle Tania 3rd place bare bow;
  • Colonels Carla 3rd place compound bow.

“The technical preparation, constant and punctual, always gives good results” said the FITARCO provincial delegate Roberto Iacoboni “our applause and encouragement goes to them”.

Photo: Arcieri Valle Oracola ©

2024-04-11 18:24:34
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