Analyzing the New York Giants Draft Options: Who Will Have the Biggest Impact at No. 6?

While it isn’t ideal to be the team with the sixth-worst record in the NFL last season, that does put the New York Giants in a position to draft an immediate impact player who can develop into a franchise quarterback. When determining which players can become that cornerstone, we’ll use the Giants Country Consensus Big Board to determine value.

It’s a safe bet to assume that at least three quarterbacks and one receiver will be off the board by the time the Giants are on the clock. Based on rumors and it being smokescreen season, the only players I think we can truly remove from the board are Caleb Williams (#2 player, #2 quarterback on our board) and Marvin Harrison Jr. (#3 player, #1 receiver).

For a reminder, that leaves us with eight of our top ten, in order: QB Drake Maye, WR Malik Nabers, EDGE Jared Verse, CB Terrion Arnold, EDGE Dallas Turner, OT Joe Alt, TE Brock Bowers, CB Quinyon Mitchell. I think it’s fair to remove Bowers and Mitchell from the board due to the likelihood that the Giants won’t value those players at six.

With six players remaining on the board, I would like to remove Alt, Verse, and Turner from the board. I don’t think the Giants will draft a tackle that early, and with the recent heavy investment in Kayvon Thibodeaux and Brian Burns, it doesn’t make sense to use the sixth pick on an edge rusher.

The rumor mill has NFL teams liking Washington receiver Rome Odunze, LSU quarterback Jayden Daniels, and Michigan QB JJ McCarthy considerably more than we do.

That leaves us with the three realistic draft picks that we think can change the complexion of the New York Giants.

Drake Maye

The rumor mill has been churning lately that the Giants are very interested in Drake Maye as their potential franchise quarterback while also releasing that other NFL teams may not be as high on Maye. To say that we at Giants Country would be ecstatic about that would be an understatement, considering he’s our top-rated player in the class.

Of course, Maye is the least likely of the franchise players to be available, but there is still a legitimate possibility that he’s available, considering that this year’s quarterback class is jumbled together at the top. Maye has all the physical tools to be a franchise quarterback and would give the Giants some flexibility.

Drafting Maye allows the Giants to either start Jones this year until they feel Maye is ready to be QB1, then cut ties with Jones and his contract, which allows for some flexibility after this season. There’s another angle where the team goes into this season with a legitimate battle at QB1, and the best man wins between Jones, Maye, and the recently-signed Drew Lock.

LSU Tigers wide receiver Malik Nabers

Stephen Lew-USA TODAY Sports

Malik Nabers

This is the most likely scenario based on all of the information available. Malik Nabers is possibly the biggest realistic “box checker” for the Giants at six.

Premium position? Check.

Premium position of need? Check.

Elite prospect at a premium position of need? Check.

Elite prospect at a premium position of need that should be available at six? Check.

Nabers has dynamic traits that give him the potential to become an elite WR1 at the NFL level that an offense could rely on. His presence immediately elevates the receiver room around him, and for the first time since Odell Beckham Jr., he gives the Giants a legitimate number-one receiver.

Terrion Arnold

It’s a virtual guarantee that Terrion Arnold will be available when the Giants get on the clock at six. Personally, I think this is his ceiling for where his draft range begins, although I do think if the plan is to take him, then the Giants could stand to trade down a few spots, but trading down isn’t possible if nobody is looking to trade up.

Arnold presents elite traits that NFL teams look for in their top cornerback. Although the Giants drafted Deonte Banks in the first round in 2023, I don’t think that eliminates the possibility of selecting another cornerback this high, considering the talent needed at the position in the modern NFL.

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