89ers’ Third Men’s Team Sweeps Göttingen Allstars in Association League Season Opener

Last Saturday, the 89ers’ third men’s team started the association league season with a sweep against the Göttingen Allstars. Contrary to planning, the 89ers had an away game on their own field because the Göttingen baseball field was not ready for play. The 89ers knew how to use this advantage from the start.

With “higher” support for the sweep

Buschi started on the mound in the first game, with Dom Stripling, an experienced catcher, sitting behind the plate. On offense, the 89ers were able to score in every inning, while at the same time playing very focused defense. Buschtöns had good control of his throws and managed a total of nine strikeouts on seven hits and only one walk.

The Göttingen pitcher, on the other hand, didn’t really have his zone under control. Although he threw a few strikes, he unfortunately also threw off seven (!) 89ers players. More suffering was Gustavo Santana, who received a pitch on his elbow in the third inning and had to be replaced by Norm Elker. Since another player, Peter Heidtke, was injured while base stealing, only ten 89ers were still available for action halfway through the first game.

But that had no effect on either the offense or the defense. Buschi remained focused, as did his defense, so that the Allstars were able to score a total of six runs, but the game was won early after five innings with 16:6.

Marvin Voigt started in the second game to gain more experience on the mound. That worked quite well, “Shotti” managed four strikeouts with just one hit, one hit by pitch and three walks, but also gave up three runs to equalize the score. “I am happy with Shotti. You only get better as a pitcher when you get innings. “It looked pretty good and will definitely get much better over the course of the season,” said coach Stefan Biertümpel.

After 1 2/3 innings, John Wiecorek, a pitcher who made his debut as a reliever this season, took over as planned. And he was immediately fully involved. John hardly gave the opposing players a chance, his throws were hard and well placed. The “Lefty” gave up just one hit and one walk and managed six strikeouts. “That was strong. After Sepp Howen and Felix Urban left for the 2nd men’s team, we lacked pitching breadth in the 3rd team. With John and Shotti as well as Dom behind the plate, we now have really good options,” Biertümpel analyzed the situation.

So the author of this article was no longer able to get on the mound, but was still allowed to play in the outfield. And here Fossy created his first hit in over twenty years. As a pitcher, he has usually had a DH in the past – but with the thin staff, there will certainly be more opportunities for him at the plate this year. Only when it came to base running, everything didn’t go smoothly. Fossy confidently took second base, but then forgot that Robbie was at three. He was able to score a run in the tumult, but something like that certainly shouldn’t happen again. 🙂

Since, in addition to the stable defense, the 89ers’ offense continued to put constant pressure on the Göttingen team, the 89ers steadily expanded their lead. After two hours (new rule for the second game in the association league), the second game also went to Braunschweig 8:3.

“We are happy about the victories, but we know how to classify them. The Göttingen team were weakened and not a strong opponent. Now we are looking forward to the derby against our 2nd men next Saturday (1 p.m., 89ers Ballpark).


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